PNL seems to be teasing the name of an upcoming project at Bercy


On the Bercy stage, PNL again chanted the name “The wind is good”. Has the Parisian group planned a project soon?

End clap for the PNL tour. After nearly a month crossing France, the two brothers concluded their series of performances at Bercy, after a fourth consecutive date. And this Friday evening took on special challenges for PNL fans who, for the vast majority, were convinced that Ademo and NOS would conclude their concert with a big surprise.

Throughout the week, it was whispered that a new piece, or why not a new project, would come to initial his reunion delayed because of the health crisis. Finally, PNL did not reveal anything on May 27, and did not announce any new features on the Bercy scene either. On the other hand, the public has tried to get musical news from the group. In its own way.

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NLP: a successor for Two brothers ?

Indeed, on several occasions, and at the end of the concert, the crowd demanded a new album with songs taken up in one voice. The two brothers only replied with the same four words: “The wind is good”. A phrase that came up throughout their tour, placed under the line of hope and sharing. Should we see a possible name for a next album? Credible, but for now, nothing official.

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It is not even sure that the group planned to offer a successor to Two brothers, published in 2019. The trend released by the opus seemed rather to indicate the end of a story for PNL, but the farewells could indeed have a taste of unfinished business. This Thursday, once again at Bercy, Ademo in any case played the game of teasing with the public, blowing only a slight “We’ll see” after the complaints of the public. In the meantime, the Corbeil duo could reschedule their dates in Lyon and Nice.

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