Pokimane says she wishes she would have started as an anonymous creator


Faith ‘Pokimane’ Anys admitted that while she enjoys having a following if she could start her Twitch career again, it would be “anonymous”.

Iman Bukimani Anis realizes that she owes a lot to her for following her Twitch. However, the online personality also knows that her popularity on Twitch has its drawbacks and now admits that if she can start her career again, she has said that she’d rather work as an “anonymous” graffiti.

Pokimane is popular enough on the platform that when things like their Twitch contract run out, it’s big news among the community. She has become one of the biggest internet celebs thanks to the way she streams and the followers she has built over the years. However, she has said more than once that her bad reputation is a double-edged sword. It turns out that she knew what she knew now, she was going to protect her identity a bit more.

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Talking about her internet personality and everything that comes with Anthony Padilla fame, she has expressed her desire to have her real name and face more under the radar. “If I could do it again, I would be anonymous.” She said in the interview.

She also explained that since she understands that she can become a bit of a target for some on Twitch, she’s learned some coping mechanisms. High on the list of those tricks, she’s learned to keep her true self and the character that her fans and followers see separate. She added that people who watch her broadcast do not know her personally, and therefore what they say about her cannot be taken personally.

This isn’t the first time she’s talked about wanting to keep her private and live broadcast life separate. I often talked about the fact that people always ask if she has a boyfriend and want intimate details about this variety. It’s also been said a lot that she feels very strange discussing these kinds of topics when she’s streaming on Twitch.

It certainly makes sense for a very popular woman to have some regrets when it comes to everything that comes with her bad reputation. There were times when some Pokimane fans went too far to try to get to know her better. She has talked about more than a few instances of harassment and stalking and has even been attacked by others Twitch Signs who you think are likely to better understand their situation.

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