Power Ranger Andros is on its way to blood at any cost

The following contains major spoilers for Power Rangers #19, available now from Boom! studios.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers face some of the most brutal threats the universe has to offer. Back then, they also witnessed more than a few fall into the dark side, something their comic book counterparts also know all too well. Unfortunately, the threats that come from within are also the hardest to expect, and the Guardians of Omega are inadvertently preparing themselves for collapse. Even worse, the one who stands ready to do so much harm to the heroes is someone they should have known from the start.

After surviving the onslaught of the Eltarian invasion and finally putting an end to the Empire’s semi-god threat, the Power Rangers are forced to split up in hopes of accelerating recovery efforts and protecting their world against any subsequent attacks. In the case of the Red and Blue Omega Rangers Jason and Yale, they’re back to the team’s usual routine of adventuring to help planets in need. On planet KO-35, the two meet Andros, a fellow Power Ranger and one of the most memorable characters in the original series. With their help, Andros frees his people from the Xurix forces that imprisoned them before the invading army responds. However, what Andros does not do is reveal to his new allies the true nature of his mission, and power Rangers #19 (By Ryan Barrott, Marco Reina, Walter Bayamonti, Sharon Marino, Sarah Antonellini, Ed Dukeshire) Makes It All Clear That Andros Is Out for Blood.

Although Andros was certainly telling the truth when he explained how his world and the Rangers had fallen to a Xurix who had pledged allegiance to Dark Specter, his origin and ultimate purpose were hidden from his new allies, and for good reason. The knowledge that Andros’ Guardians were made by Zordon did indeed raise some red flags, or at least serious questions for Jason. This also helps with why Andros is so aggressive in his hunt for the Dark Specter’s head. If Andros believes that Zordon has left his team behind or sent them into a death trap, as the great Morphin mentor did before with the 1969 Rangers led by Grace Stirling, he may be more hostile toward the team founder than Grace ever has been, too.

If true, it would also give Andros a strong reason not to trust any of the other Zordon Guardians, even though it’s probably not the Omega who should bear the brunt of that. Given that Jason’s team betrayed Zordon to save the universe when his inaction put him in danger, Omega knows better than most that there are some lines that simply must be crossed. On the other hand, there is no telling just what lines could not be beyond the confines of Andros of the Comics.

Compared to his small-screen counterpart who debuted in 1998 power rangers in spaceThis Andros is darker and violent than ever. He also carries with him an intense anger that is hardly hidden except by his calm and collected behavior. Andros may not be an enemy to any of his fellow Rangers, but the uncertainty surrounding what he is, not to mention the lengths he’ll reach in that regard, makes him the most terrifying kind of responsibility.

There is no doubt that Andros of the Comics is one of the most capable allies the Omega Rangers could have made, nor that he understands the scope of what they are facing. But that doesn’t offset the risk he puts them in by not divulging that information. Nor does it help that he seems more interested in revenge than he is actually in saving the universe from the soon-to-be impossible threat.

With any luck, Jason and the others will be able to convince Andros to open up about his true mission, assuming he won’t let go of the hatred festering within him. If not, then it is very likely that the heroes will end up in harm’s way for no reason other than the wrath of Andros, and this could be the thing that causes them all to die in the end.

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