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Bandai - Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba Style Fashion Doll - Kanao Tsuyuri


Kanao Tsuyuri, from the popular anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is now available as a Demon Slayer Style Doll! Much care has been taken to create the delicate facial expression and warm complexion known in this fashion doll series. Kanao is the “Tsuguko” (successor) of the Flower Hashira, and she is styled to look just like the anime character, including the Demon Slayer Corps uniform, white cape, knee high boots, special Nichirin sword, and her butterfly hair accessory. Jointed neck, arms, and legs allow for creative posing and display. Perfect for the true Demon Slayer fan!
Kanao Tsuyuri is now available as a Demon Slayer Style Doll!
The Style Doll series, imported from Japan, captures the delicate features and thoughtful expressions of anime characters, and they are carefully detailed in true-to-anime style
Articulation in neck, arms, and legs allow for great posing and display. Elbows and knees can also bend. Each character is approximately 8.5 inches tall
Rooted, lustrous black hair is styled sweetly, with bangs and ponytail to match the anime. Accessories include high boots, white cape, Nichirin sword, and butterfly hair accessory
Package is a Japanese packaging window box. For ages 5+. Also available: Kanao Tsuyuri and Nezuko Kamado