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Liberty Imports Ninja Warrior Bow and Arrow Archery Set for Kids with Katana Sword and Toy Weapons


This 18-piece Ninja set includes a dynamic arsenal of safe plastic weapons for Ninja Costumes or Pretend Play. The deluxe ninja weapons pack contains everything your child will need to transform into a deadly ninja! The set is all plastic but the blades on the swords, sais, and daggers have a chrome finish.
Ninja Warrior Cosplay Set includes: Katana with Sheath, Archery Bow, 4 Suction Cup Arrows, 4 Shurikens, 2 Sais, 2 Kunai, 1 Knife, 1 Claw Dagger.
Kids Sized. Manufactured in one size fits most kids. Huge variety of weapon accessories for the little pretend Ninja to choose from.
Bow measures 20″ long and katana sword measures 21″ long. Weapon & armor pieces fit most kids aged 3 and up.
Ideal for kids Ninja Warrior role pretend play and Halloween dress-up.
Please note: All weapon and armor pieces are toys for kids pretend play only, and are not real weapons.