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RAYGE3LOV Mythic Legions Action Figures for Phobus, 1/12 Scale sourcehorsemen 9 inch Deluxe Illythia Action Figure, Illythia and her Minions Against of Xylona's Flock,Detachable Equipment kit


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1.Model size: 9in*9in*3.2in
2.Unique Weapons included with each fighter!Figure can stand alone!It can realize various shapes,increase the playability and appreciation of figures.
3.Mythic Legions action figure are very rare.Fully poseable super articulated figure with over 30 articulated points. Highly detailed accessories and removable uniform.Character full body equipment can be disassembled and assembled.
4.These Fighter toys are great for setting them up with military vehicles in all kinds of battle scenes.They fit nicely in properly scaled trucks, jeeps and warships. Lots of fun!
5.Provide fast Amazon logistics and timely and stable after-sales service