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Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark's Treasure - 16 Levels of Adventure - Exclusive Treasure Hunter | Rescue, Dissect & Ride | Discover The Treasure , Original


Crack open the bottle, unleash the shark, save the hunter, dissect the shark to discover your haul, find the treasure (floating/fizzing chest) and find the Treasure. Repeat play including chomp feature and projectiles.
Rescue the exclusive Treasure Hunter and dissect the shark! Open the jaws and rescue the hunter from then dissect the shark’s belly to find the slime covered secrets inside! This hunter is exclusive and only available in this pack
Incredible Extended Play! Ride the shark, chomp your enemies and shoot torpedoes
Fizz and Float Treasure chest reveal! Drop the treasure chest in water and watch it sink to the bottom. Once it is at the bottom, it will slowly open and your treasure will then float to the top.
Awesome Contents! The Treasure X Shark’s Treasure includes 1 x Bottle Vessel & Stand, 1 x Character, 1 x Fizz Tablet, 1 x Harpoon Launcher, 1 x Map/ Collectors Guide, 1 x Saddle & Handlebar Accessory, 1 x Shark, 1 x Slime, 1 x Tool, 1 x Treasure, 1 x Treasure Chest, 1 x Weapon. For ages 6 years and over. Batteries not required