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Uzui Tengen Yoriichi Tsugikuni Figure Anime Statue Model Color Desktop Decoration Gift Anime Fan Collection(30CM/11.8)


Let us interpret a better life together, I hope to give you fresh feelings every day!
Our figure for the folk quality version, not the official genuine, boxed packed. Pvc material, bright colors and safe and easy to clean. Hand-painted will have some defects. If you encounter some of the details are dirty, you can wipe with alcohol(Notice: the owner himself for many years folk hand-me-downs players, want to share to everyone with play to the most cost-effective hand-me-downs)
Our products are assembled with glue after production, if you receive the goods found that they arm, waist, legs, hair and other places off, do not worry, that is not bad, you can use glue to stick firmly. If you think the figure and the base can not be aligned with the hole, you can use hot water or electric air blowing hot blowing to make it soften, while fitting into the hole. If the hole is easy to fall off, you can also use glue to stick firmly.
Exquisite shape, highly restored anime characters, very suitable for collection, placed in the desk, computer desk, living room display, etc.
We use a kraft paper box packaging, as far as possible to protect the safety of the product, if the damage caused by transportation, please contact us, we will try to make you satisfied.
Personal sellers, business is not easy, i hope to bring you more cost-effective handicrafts, please look forward to.