Public reservations for the ongoing Totoro London theater play start Thursday morning – News


General reservations will begin at 10am on Thursday, and the play will run from October until the following January

Royal Shakespeare Company tickets phase adjustment from Studio Ghibli‘sand Hayao Miyazaki1988 movie My neighbor Totoro The Barbican Center in London will be available for general booking on Thursday 19 May at 10am, tickets will be available at this link; It was already available to priority bookers.

The play is presented by RSC and Hayao Miyazakilong time composer Joe Hisaishiwho created the music for the original film and serves as executive producer for the play.

The play will run for 15 weeks from October 8, 2022 to January 21, 2023. Tom Morton Smith (Oppenheimer) It is an adaptation of the story, and Willem McDermott (Akhenaten) directs production. The play will also feature puppets by Basil Twist Joe HisaishiThe music, which is made in collaboration with the English theater company Impossible and Japanese Nippon TV.

There is information on tickets here. Ticket prices will range from £20 to £72.50, with a limited number of premium seats from £85. Prices are guaranteed until May 19, but may vary after that. There are also other offers, including the “Family Price” offer that offers up to two tickets at half price with each adult paying full price, not valid for Saturday evening shows.

Evening performances will take place from 7 pm Monday through Saturday. There will also be morning shows from Thursday, October 20, on Thursdays and Saturdays at 2pm, and additional morning shows on December 19, 21, 23, 27 and January 2.

There will be no morning on December 22nd. There are no evening shows on December 31 and January 2; There are no offers on December 24th and 26th

Additional events include the team’s creative talk on October 15, a “late post-show stay” on December 2, and “Insights” on November 17 and 24.

interview done by Limit website, director Willem McDermott specified that it was unlikely that children would play two girls in the story. “We have to use performers who can do many things… dolls and physical things, so there are choices to be made.” He also specified that the play would not be musical in the strict sense of the word, although there would be a band on stage playing live music.

McDermott also said that he was introduced to Joe Hisaishi in London five years ago by the composer Philip Glass; Hisaishi wanted to discuss adaptation My neighbor Totoro for the stage. Writer Tom Morton Smith met Hayao Miyazaki in Japan about the play, and Miyazaki asked Morton Smith if he was a feminist. Morton Smith said, “I said ‘yes’ and that was very important to him and that girls are so pivotal.”

to me LimitMorton Smith added that he had permission to “expand on tunes (in the film) that already exist and show some scenes that are not in the film.”

Full rehearsals for the play begin in July. RSC describes the production on its website:

World premiere of the movie Studio Ghibli‘s My neighbor Totoro Coming to London’s Barbican Theater this fall.

“The 1988 Celebrated Animation Film Written by Hayao Miyazaki It will be brought to the stage by the original composer Joe Hisaishi In a new historical adaptation by RSC written by playwright Tom Morton Smith.

This charming puberty story explores the magical world of childhood fantasy and the transformative power of imagination, as it follows an extraordinary summer in the lives of sisters Satsuki and Mei.

My neighbor Totoro You will play a very limited season of 15 weeks from October 8, 2022 to January 21, 2023 that promises to delight all generations.

original anime movie My neighbor Totoro It is the story of two young sisters, Mei and Satsuki, who move to the countryside and meet TotOro, wonderful creatures that only children can see.

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