Read Choi has been scrapped on social media to deceive and abuse women


Read Choi
Read Choi

Red Choi is a Korean-American content creator. It stays in the news for various reasons, but mostly for the wrong reasons. Although he is very popular on TikTok, it seems that he cannot escape the controversy. Recently, he has been embroiled in controversy due to his lewd remarks. Hence, he got unfollowed quite a lot on social media, and his followers started unfollowing him. Really, social media is the place that can give you everything but can also get rid of everything just by going the wrong way.

He has been involved in controversies involving his ex-girlfriends and most recently over the misuse of crowdfunding he organized. We will discuss the last two major. One related to his ex-girlfriend Gina Darling. Besides this, another controversy erupted, concerning a homeless woman whom he supposedly cheated on. Read Choi is famous for his comedy content on TikTok. But these days, he stays in the news for all the wrong reasons. Read beforehand for details.

Read meat choy with ex-girlfriend Gina Darling

Like Red Choi, Jenna Darling is also a social media influencer. They started dating each other sometime in December 2020 and broke up in March 2021. The two even made content together. After the breakup, Reed posted about his feelings of devastation after the breakup. But shortly after their split, Reed was seen hanging out with a girl he met online. Jenna took to social media to reveal some details. She told how Reed has strong opinions about dating apps and how vulnerable the people on them are. But he himself became one of them, contrary to what he once preached. Gina even hooked up with a girl who was canceling reading on the Internet. Through her, she found how he was in multiple relationships at once. Apparently, he used girls for “influence”.

Another fact that provoked Jenna to reveal everything was when she contracted chlamydia. It is a sexually transmitted disease, and she claimed that he proceeded to sleep with her, knowing that he had the disease. She also accused him of having multiple sexual partners over time.

Moreover, in some of her crucial TikTok videos, Jenna told how Red Choi is a misogynistic and manipulative man. Other girls I’ve dated have had a similar description to give about him.

Read Choi
Read Choi and Jindarling’s controversy

Read Choi’s public apology

After all this, Red Choi took over Instagram To post a public apology. He went ahead and called him a piece of shit mat. He agreed to abuse women and thought about it. Reed went ahead and talked about his childhood and how it wasn’t the most beautiful childhood.

He also claimed that he was unaware of the STI because he had no symptoms. As soon as he found out that Gina had fallen ill from him, he apologized to her and underwent an examination. He claims to be learning about the issue and receiving treatment for it.

Speaking of double standards regarding his opinion on dating apps, all he had to say was that he loves to keep his sexuality private. Hence, he was not open to such experiences. But the next thing is probably the most problematic of all. He claimed Read how weak he is when it comes to women and sexuality. For him, sex is a coping and escape mechanism. He was devastated after his breakup with Jenna, and the only way he knew how to deal with her was through sex. These reckless statements say a lot about what they consider to be women.

Abuse of Donations by Reading Choi to a Homeless Woman

Another scandal in which he was involved concerns a homeless woman. In one of his videos, he saw the help of a homeless woman named Martha. Under those posts, he collected a donation for Martha, to which people contributed, thinking he was trying to change. A month later, he finally updated, thanking his followers for their help to Martha. Soon, he went to MIA on his main account, leaving his followers wondering where the money went. At this time, another TikToker, DtheKorean, posted a video asking Red Choi where he went? Not only that, Dr himself had reached out to this woman Martha, who wasn’t even called Martha. Her name is Marcia. Marcia said Red comes over once in a while and leaves after a while. She also didn’t know any money.

Read Choi
Read Choi

But for this, Reed responded with another video where he stated that she does not have a good memory, so he cannot give her that huge amount of money. That is why he spends on it. It also catches some receipts like hospital room expenses. Red Choi also invited D for an inappropriate questioning with a person, urging them to ask questions when she had trust issues.

Followers of both accounts were left confused as to who to trust. In the end, Red’s ex-girlfriend Jenna spoke up, too. But she spoke in favor of D, saying that it was a very despicable reading of the deception of a homeless old woman. She also explained how they will help Marcia now and help her get the money she deserves.

After all this situation, Read Choi was canceled, and several other TikTokers have since come out in support of D, claiming Read Choi is a fraud.

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