Reveal the names of the members of the Red Hair Pirates!


The red hair pirates They are the first pirate crew to appear in the manga series and the second to appear (along with Alvida Pirates) in the One Piece animated series. They are the main influences on the journeys of Luffy (inspired by Shanks) and Usopp (who wants to become a brave warrior at sea like his father, Yasopp).

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According to the Marines, the Red Hair Pirate’s crew is the most balanced and impenetrable of the four Yonko crews!

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In the new 101 volume of SBS, the core members of the Red Hair Pirates are finally named.

Question: Oda-sensei konnichiwa (How are you). Actually I have a question. Please tell me the name of the Red Hair Pirates members other than Lucky Roux, Benn Beckman, Yasopp and Rockstar.

Oda: The Red Hair Pirates now became a huge organization, including its subordinates. Those who boldly appeared while facing Summit War became leaders and knew Luffy.

Rockstar is strong but not a leader.

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