Revealed skull and bone classification indicates the release date is approaching

It looks like Skull and Bones may finally be sailing in the coming months, as the hacking game has received an official designation by Australia.

This week, the much awaited Ubisoft skull and bones It received a rating, indicating that the launch of the hacking game may be soon.

As I mentioned GamesRadar +Australian Classification Council classification skull and bones As Mature, citing themes of violence, language, drug use, and sexual content with “moderate influence,” he specified that there was no nudity. An official publicity about consumer advice also mentioned similar details. The book reads “adult topics, violence, drug use, foul language and sexual references, online interaction, and in-game purchases.” Since the game is now in the rating stage, it indicates that an official launch date may finally be imminent.

Perhaps the most anticipated upcoming non-franchise title from Ubisoft, skull and bones Takes popular hacking mechanisms Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag And embody it in a unique marine adventure. Not much is known about the title at this point apart from the almost infamous delays. It was first announced in 2017, skull and bones He has faced development hell ever since. Although Ubisoft gave it a 2018 release window at the time of its announcement, it experienced a total of five delays before landing in the release window sometime before March 2023. Besides daily development issues, the game faced even more difficulty when skull and bonesThe director was fired for sexual misconduct.

A recent leak in the first several minutes of skull and bones The gameplay provided a much better picture of what to expect. The game seems to be set in the Indian Ocean and set during the golden age of piracy. Players start out as a low-level rogue who aims to become the most famous pirate of the seas. Starting with a small merchant ship, players progress through the game by gaining shame and making bigger and stronger ships. It is said that different ships will have unique play styles.

Players gain infamy by exploring, looting, searching for treasures, and participating in the game’s rotating events. Other details about the gameplay remain unconfirmed, including rumors that a little bit of sword fighting or land exploration will be included, making the title almost exclusively sail-based. However, it looks like the game will be multiplayer first after an initial plan to focus on singleplayer.

Prior to the leak, no one expected to hear anything about the game until the rumored Ubisoft presentation, which will reveal up to twenty titles coming from the developer. Now, Ubisoft has announced its plans to release skull and bones before the end of the current fiscal year, and put the launch sometime before March 31, 2023.

source: GamesRadar +

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