Review of Pokémon Masters EX in Anime

Here’s a look at all the references to Pokémon Masters EX in the anime so far. It is rare and small, but it means a lot to the fans of the game,

The Pokemon The animation is supposed to be based on the games of the core series, so it focuses on telling the stories of those games. Unfortunately, this means that casual games are generally underrepresented in animation; The most they will get will be some special episodes and animated trailers. This means when viewing game content Do Appears in the anime, it is very satisfying for fans of those games. This even applies to phone games like Pokemon Masters EX.

It’s rare, but there are references to gentlemen inside Pokemon Journeys. Unfortunately, there are no direct references to things like Pasio, Team Break, or any of the original characters in the game. Regardless, seeing these little references gives gamers a satisfying feeling that these games matter. With that in mind, here’s a look at a few obvious and potential references to the popular mobile game.

The first sign that appears in Trips by Cynthia. In Episode 89, “The Gates of Warp!” Kommo-o has been revealed. at gentlemen, she paired up in sync with the Scaly Pokémon while wearing the Sygna suit, an outfit designed to resemble Trainer’s Partner Pokémon. In the first episode of “Arceus, The One Called God,” she also appears with her hair tied back as when she’s wearing this Sygna suit. While the previous reference can be interpreted as a coincidence, the latter is undeniable.

Another possible reference came in Trips Episode 94 “The Suffering of Bombers and Arrows!” Turns out Erica has picked up Leafeon since her last appearance. As with Cynthia, Sygna Suit Erika formed a simultaneous pair with Verdant Pokémon in gentlemen. Her clothes in this episode were from Pokemon Firered And green leafLeafeon will likely be based on those in the mobile game.

Another reference coming Trips It will be in Episode 111, “Mohn and Lilie, Snowfield Reunion.” This time, it comes in the form of Losamen’s hairstyle. She tied it up like she did when she wears a Sygna suit and poses as a pair with Dusk Mane Necrozma. She probably would never owe Necrozma in the anime or Solgaleo for that matter, but at least it’s nice to see this subtle nod to the phone game.

These references, although small, can really make a file gentlemen Player’s Day. All it takes is a change of appearance or confirmation that a particular trainer has a certain Pokemon to acknowledge the existence of the game. If the day comes when Basio himself is referenced in the anime, that would be all the better.

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