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Stuf . right And Nozomi Entertainment Advertise in Anime Central On Saturday, they will release the movie based on the anime Makoto Sanda‘s Magica rental Light novel series on Blu-ray Disc on August 9. The company also confirmed that it will release a redesigned home video version of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed anime as two Blu-ray Disc sets on July 12 and August 16, respectively.

Describe the companies Magica rental:

Destroy super monsters… dispel black magic… all in a day’s work for astral magicians! However, after the mysterious disappearance of the head of the company, they are left in an awkward position. His son, Itsuki Iba, reluctantly reconciles, but Itsuki’s unfamiliarity with magic could portend bad news for Austral–especially with rival Goetia vying for the same contracts. As jobs become increasingly dangerous, they soon find that staying in work is the least of their worries.

The version will be in Japanese with English subtitles and will contain extras such as a special promotion, trade spots, clean openings and closings, an American trailer, and Nozomi trailers.

The 24-episode TV anime premiered in 2007. Stuf . right He previously released the series on DVD in North America.

The Mobile Suit Gundam Seed The Blu-ray Disc set will contain English audio and Japanese audio with English subtitles. The first disc set will include the first 24 episodes of the high definition animation.

The companies describe the size of the first disk:

Year 70 of the cosmic age. The Curators, a group of genetically enhanced humans, moved to colonies circling the Earth. But that did not calm the tensions between them and ordinary humans. The conflict soon escalated into a full-scale war. In the neutral colony of Heliopolis, Kira Yamato and his friends go to school when they are just children. But when ZAFT commandos attack, Kira’s life is changed forever.

If there was no other choice, he and Union officer Mori Ramius were thrown into battle in a prototype mobile weapon, which Kira called “GUNDAM”. Now, Kira must defend himself and his friends from his people. Because Kira, unknown to anyone else, is a coordinator. And the enemy he faces on the battlefield is his childhood friend, Athron!

The second set of anime discs will include episodes 25 to 48 of the anime in high quality.

The companies describe the size of the second disk:

A fierce battle begins on three sides outside the Mendel colony. While Archangel takes control, Eternal and Kusanagi attempt to battle Le Creuset’s ships. In the midst of this chaos, Le Creuset puts Fly adrift in a lifeline, entrusting her with what he claims is the key that will end the war.

Archangel, Eternal and Kusanagi fight to prevent both sides from using weapons of annihilation. Under the control of his new Gundam, Rau Le Creuset enters the fray to make sure the war heads toward escalating destruction. Three lonely ships and a handful of people are all that stands between humanity and total destruction.

The anime was first shown in Japan in 2002 and was later broadcast Cartoon Network in the United States Bandai Entertainment He previously released the series on DVD in English in North America. Stuf . right He then released the series in Ultra Edition Blu-ray (featuring the show with HD remaster and in SD) in North America in 2020. The above two-issue collection in August will only include an HD remaster.

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