Rintaro Koike, Masayuki Taguchi’s black joke manga goes to hiatus – News


The manga will end in the next chapter

This year’s sixth issue of Akita Shoten‘s Young hero Ritsu Tuesday’s magazine revealed that Rentaro Koike And Masayuki Taguchi‘s black joke The manga is going through an indefinite hiatus. The magazine will announce the return of the manga at a later time. The magazine also revealed that the manga will be ending in its next chapter when it returns.

The magazine’s fifth issue had announced last month that the manga would approach its climax in the magazine’s sixth issue.

The manga takes place on the fictional Neon Island in Tokyo Bay, a place where gambling and prostitution have been legalized. There, gangs compete for control of the underground economy. The story centers around the TD Hot Spring Hotel, the island’s only Japanese-style entertainment facility.

Koike and Taguchi launched the manga in Akita Shoten‘s young hero magazine in 2008, the series moved to Young hero Ritsu in 2011. Akita Shoten The tenth volume of the combined manga book was published in July 2020.

Koike was the original writer of Hello! Sailor Play Station 2 The game that inspired Katsuo NakanAdaptation of the manga of the same name. INFINITI Studios And one cartoon The manga was previously published in English.

Taguchi is probably best known for adapting the manga to Kochon Takami‘s battle royale a novel. run manga young hero From 2000 to 2006, and tokyopop The entire manga is published in English. tokyopop Taguchi also posted spirits Mango. Media blasters Posted by Taguchi Battle of Barunjung Mango.

source: Young hero Ritsu number 6

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