RPG Fudosan Episode 8 Release Date: More About the Kotone Sisters


RPG Fudosan

The latest episode of Fudosan’s animated RPG series, also known as RPG Real Estate, was released on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, and was titled Doors, Doors, Doors! Open the door to summer vacation! The next episode, RPG Fudosan Episode 8 is coming out and you can read this article to find out all you need to know about it.

The anime is a light-colored and brightly colored series about four girls who work in real estate – Fa, a semi-human, a priest named Ruvaria, a wonderful soldier named Rakira, and a witch, the main protagonist, Kotone. Although Kotone has graduated in magic, her new career involves finding homes for all kinds of people – a necromancer, a guild receptionist with Pegasus, and many other magical creatures.

Episode 7 Summary

After the relatively heavy Episode 6 that viewers watched last week, Episode 7 of RPG Fudosan titled “Doors, Doors, Doors! Open the Door for Summer Vacation!” The dive into two comedic segments was lighthearted. The first part started with the girls discussing how they want to do better at their jobs. After that, they go on a mission to inspect a nice looking house. What they didn’t know was that the house was full of traps – a bathroom door leading to a staircase and random doors behind a wall. Fa ends up going behind a secret wall by chance and finds Rakira a doll. Later, Kotone accidentally sets a fire when trying to get a light source and ends up setting it on fire.

RPG Fudosan

The group deals more damage as Rarika kicks the wall to rescue Va who is trapped inside. Later, the group found out from the owner that the house needed major repairs anyway, and due to this major accident, the group had already salvaged some of the stolen artifacts that were stored in the house. They also found out that the house most likely belonged to a thief, which is why it had a lot of traps. Kotone was rewarded and punished for the commission.

Kotone’s holiday changed a week ago, and next thing they know, she’s on her way to Luklun, Eastern District. What’s more, Fa comes while Kotone realizes she has no home to go back to. Fa has never traveled this long before, so the entire trip back to Kotone’s house suffers from it. When they finally arrived, the Kotone family was happy to have it back.

The episode is warm and light-hearted as we see the Kotone family enjoying her company and Fa blends in well with them. Kotone’s younger sisters, Tsuzumi and Hibiki, however, are a little jealous of the relationship between their older sister and Fa, and try to get her to bring Moonlight Grass – a beautiful flower to make a necklace but which is very difficult to achieve. The area is dangerous because it is full of monsters, but the sisters urge them further and Fa ends up sneaking in at night to get the flower for Koton.

RPG Fudosan

Tsuzumi and Hibiki follow her out of guilt when they see her running away. They think Fa is in danger, but then they see her mixing with all kinds of creatures in the forest, including the Minotaur. Fa even encourages the sisters to interact and they end up realizing why Kotone fawns over F so much. Moonlight grass is obtained, the necklace is made and the relaxation episode ends with the Kotone family singing the song they storm into whenever they feel happy.

It was a useful episode to watch as we see the Kotone sisters become friends with all the critters of the woods and our heroines returning to their tax jobs as a realtor.

RPG Fudosan Episode 8 Release Date

The next episode of the Fudosan RPG titled “Wha!? Finding a Dream Home through Fortune Telling!?”. The RPG Fudosan Episode 8 version is set in 25 May 2022.

RPG Fudosan Episode 8: Where to Watch

You can watch the next episode as well as the entire series of RPG Fudosan on the main anime streaming site Crunchy Roll.

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