Scopper Gaban awaits on Lodestar Island!


During Wano Arc we saw Roger Pirates reach the last island of the Grand Line, laugh story.

Roger and his crew reacted upon finding the Joey Boy’s treasure with mere laughter. This led to Roger naming the island after what he considered a “funny story,” a reference to everything that happened to Joy Boy.

We see 5 notable personalities who have discovered the truth behind the Void Century, ancient weapons and the “D.” family: Jules D. Roger, Silvers Riley, Kozuki Odin, Scooper Gaban and Crocs with two of them dead, while 1 is missing and 2 are alive and retired.

Rayleigh & Crocus help the pirates on their journey by surviving in both Reverse Mountain and Sabaody, so if Scopper is alive, I would expect him to be on another mission island awaiting guidance as well, and the only island in my mind is Lodistar Island.

* theory Salahuddin

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