Season 4, Episode 6, “When I Die, I Want Your Hands Over My Eyes.”

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Mayans MC Season 4, Episode 6, “When I Die, I Want Your Hands Over My Eyes,” which aired Tuesday on FX.Last week’s episode of Mayans MC proved tragic, as the Sons of Anarchy launched an attack on their old enemies that resulted in the death of Coco, a key member of the Santo Padre Pact. The last episode of Mayan MC He deals with the repercussions of this event and sees the club making some important decisions about how to deal with Sons of Anarchy in the future. Here’s a spoiler-filled summary Mayan MC Season 4, Episode 6, “When I Die, I Want Your Hands Over My Eyes.”

The Mayan MC Reacts to the Death of Coco

When I Die, I Want Your Hands Over My Eyes begins with Marcos Alvarez, the current president of the Santo Padre Pact, who receives a phone call about the attack while in bed. He rushes to the Santo Padre Club, where EZ Reyes reveals to Angel that Oakland has been attacked. Kanch, the leader of the Yuma Mayans, also arrives at the Santo Padre Club. They try to discover exactly what happened, and Hank soon reveals that five people were killed in the attack, including Coco. The majority of the Maya are shocked by this revelation and stand silently. However, Gilly reacts violently and breaks the table. Despite being good friends, Gilly and Coco’s last conversation was controversial, so the loss would almost certainly hurt him badly.

At the temple next, Canche speculates that El Banquero may be involved because Angel killed the gang accountant earlier in Mayans MC Season 4, but the conversation quickly turns to Sons of Anarchy. Alvarez refuses to believe that Sons of Anarchy would commit such an attack. EZ says he doesn’t trust Sons of Anarchy, or even some Maya pacts. Alvarez has stopped the controversy between EZ and Canche. The Godfather orders everyone to return to their own pacts as they discover their next steps. After Canch’s departure, Alvarez hires EZ about his behavior, stating that he wants to avoid war. Despite this, EZ realizes the war has already come.

In response to the news of Coco’s death, Angel gets exceptionally drunk at the Santo Padre bar. The angel comes in to talk to him, and they talk that it’s never easy to lose someone. Angel eventually suggests they check in with Coco’s daughter, Letty, and girlfriend Hope. Gilly tries to go, but he’s too drunk to stand up, so Angel goes instead, and what’s going on is massive. Angel finds Coco’s house in disarray, as Letty presumably destroyed the place in her grief. Angel and Letty eventually start rearranging the house together, realizing that Coco wouldn’t want it in such a situation. In the end, they kiss and apparently have sex. Angel then left, and Letty went into the bedroom, where she found Hope crying. Hope promises to leave next day, but Letty asks her not to go.

Mayan MC’s latest tragedy is enormous

While Angel takes advantage of a distraught Letty, Nails wakes up without him and goes about her day. She started painting the baby’s room, but soon after moving the stairs, she realized she was getting blood from between her thigh. You go to the bathroom where the bleeding started worse. Nails gets dressed and tries to leave the house, but loses blood quickly and hardly works. Felipe Reyes finds her in front of the house and drives her to the hospital. After the medical examination, Niels learned that she had lost her child. The nurses exhume the dead child, and Niels holds him, saying, “It’s beautiful.” On the way home, she blames moving the ladder. The story is definitely one of the most tragic of all time Mayan MC. At the end of the episode, Angel also doesn’t seem to know that he’s lost his child, so a showdown is definitely coming up on that front.

The other subplots in “When I Die, I Want Your Hands Over My Eyes” aren’t bleak. Miguel Galindo ends up leaving the monastery where he was staying, as his aunt believes Martin – who has been captured and tortured by the LGN – will eventually abandon him. He ended up putting on some Martin’s clothes and then, after attending Thomas’ funeral, a subordinate picked him up. Jess, who gave kutte Allesandro Montez to Sons of Anarchy, who actually started the war with the Mayans MC, also expresses some skepticism about spying on the latter group as a waiter. However, her sister told her that she really had no choice in the matter.

War comes to Mayans MC

Throughout the “When I Die, I Want Your Hands Over My Eyes” period, Alvarez remains unwilling to go to war with Sons of Anarchy, fearing the potential cost, especially after the club’s recent internal dust. At the beginning of the episode, Hank tells Alvarez that the Oakland Charter favorably identified their attacks as Sons of Anarchy. Alvarez asks him to keep the information confidential for now so he can find out what’s going on. This upsets Hank, who wants to respond immediately. EZ also has a lot of tension with Alvarez. After saying goodbye to Sofia, who had spent the night in his trailer, he found EZ Alvarez servicing his bike. Alvarez evades the question of whether he knew who attacked the Maya and instead emphasizes the importance of peace and how awful and useless war is. Alvarez even takes responsibility for Coco’s death, since he’s the one who sent him to Auckland. He also promised that COco would take revenge. Like Hank, EZ wants to get revenge on the people who killed Coco as quickly as possible.

Later in the day, EZ receives a public phone call from Emily Galindo. I warned him not to investigate Marlon Boxar’s death in Mayan MC Season 2. She hung up the phone without telling EZ where she was hiding, despite his being asked. When their call ends, Yuma Mayans’ Mane rolls over on his motorcycle, saying he’s there to help fight against the Sons of Anarchy. This makes the Santo Padre Club realize that Alvarez has kept the truth about Coco’s killer from them.

The Santo Padre Mayan people enter the temple, where Alvarez says the Sons of Anarchy will pay for Coco’s death. However, Alvarez still did not want to go to war, saying that the Mayans could not survive the fighting. Alvarez wants time to talk to Charming, the master charter of the Sons of Anarchy, before taking revenge. However, EZ and the rest of Santo Padre Mayan don’t want to wait. EZ reveals that they have a plan to go and attack the Sons of Anarchy at UC Davis, where they can eliminate a large portion of their leadership in one fell swoop. While the attack is called a suicide mission, EZ volunteers are gone. At first, he plans to bring Angel and Gilly with him, but Hank refuses to let Gilly go. Then Mane scores for Geli. Alvarez tells them that if the job goes wrong, that club will hurt. However, EZ replies by saying that he will avenge Coco and prevent anyone from pursuing the Maya again. With the phrase “When I die, I want your hands on my eyes,” Alvarez surrenders, and EZ says, “Let’s go to war.” So the sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC are officially at war.

New episodes of Mayans MC Season 4 air every Tuesday on FX.

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