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Below contains spoilers for Episode 11 of Survivor Season 42.It often looks like season 42 of survivor It only exists to be compared to season 41, with both seasons serving as trials. The show experimented with new twists and gameplay elements in 41, and now they’re iterating on 42 to see how a different set of players interact with them. It’s kind of an interesting idea and it makes twists and perks that aren’t very well received by the fan base even more compelling because instead of caring about the twists themselves, the audience cares more about the fallout from the twists and how they happen. Different from season 41.

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The comparison aspect was absent from a few recent episodes, but it’s back in full force in Episode 11. The episode begins with the usual post-tribal debriefing, and Mike reveals his extreme happiness about Hai’s blind side in a confession. He’s celebrating the fact that they voted against the guy who’s calling all the shots, and now he’s free to play his own game. The irony of this is that he’s still not playing his own game, not even realizing it. Omar continues to play this game and no one is wiser than that, which was a lot of fun to watch.

The next day, the players at the top who are in an alliance start talking about the next goal. They decide on Romeo, the reason being that he doesn’t lift weight around camp and eats more rice than he should, both of which are fundamental sins in this game. These players strike a deal to go to the Final Five, agreeing to take out Marianne and Romeo before they turn on each other. Once he and Omar walk away from the other guys, Mike reveals that he was just lying and actually wanted to get rid of Drea. It’s interesting how offended Mike gets when other players lie to him or renege on promises they’ve made, but it seems like it’s okay when he does.

Omar records this behavior from him and says he thinks Mike is riding a little high after Hay’s vote and seems to think he’s running things, which is exactly what he criticized Hay for doing. Omar is more wary of Mike now, and it looks like he’s put him on the list of players who are becoming big threats. Speaking of big threats, Jonathan reveals later in the day that he really is suffering from a lack of food. He claims that because he’s twice the size of the other players, he needs more calories but only eats the same amount as everyone else, so he feels like he’s already having a harder time than everyone else on the island.

This hunger also makes him irritable, although he snaps at Drea when she asks for help discovering the fishing net and seems annoyed that he doesn’t help them when he’s the only one who knows how to work. Everyone seems to have recorded Jonathan’s changing behavior, and even the editors are undoing the “nice guy” edit he’s been getting for most of the season.

In Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst reveals that the “Do Or Die” twist from season 41 is back, much to the public’s dismay. The change is basically that players can choose whether or not to participate in the immunity challenge, and if they choose to play, the first player to get out will have to randomly choose a square in the Tribal Council that says either is safe or is immediately kicked out of the game. Game. A lot of people hate this twist because it leaves a lot of serendipity and undermines any actual gameplay that these players have. This time, only two players chose to participate in the challenge: Jonathan and Lindsey.

It’s fitting because they’ve been each other’s biggest challenge competition up to this point, and they’re beating it out in a seemingly grueling endurance challenge. In the end, Jonathan was able to hold out longer and won the immunity, which meant that Lindsay would play Do Or Die. She reveals that she absolutely regrets choosing to participate in the challenge and fears it will be a million dollar mistake. That’s when some of Lindsay’s back stories were revealed, revealing that she’s always been competitive, and was the only woman on her hometown soccer team. She is clearly a fighter, which is very frustrating about the fact that her fate in the game was ultimately decided by chance.

In the camp, people are scrambling despite the fact that there may not be a vote. Drea would be glad if Lindsay lost Do Or Die because it means her amulet will turn into a complete fetish with Lindsay out of the game. Unfortunately for Daria, Lindsay thinks exactly the same thing. The entire tribe (correctly) sees Drea as a threat, both strategically and socially, and devises a plan to vote on her if Lindsay survives in Do Or Die. Feeling comfortable with Omar, Drea tells him about her “Knowledge is Power” feature and says she plans to ask Mike about his idol in order to steal it. This puts Omar in the perfect position of strength where he is able to either go ahead with this plan and take out Mike when he least expects it, or tell Mike about the advantage and hold onto the idol for him so that Drea can’t steal it.

The council of the tribes has begun, and it has become clear that this tribe (except perhaps Romeo) really loves each other and has bonded over the past few weeks. There is a real sense of camaraderie surrounding them, which is so much fun to see. Lindsay steps in to do a Do Or Die game, and manages to pick out the chest with a torch, which means it’s safe for another week. This is exactly what happened last season when Deshawn had to be involved in this development. It’s actually a blessing that this turn didn’t send someone home, because it would be the most frustrating way to leave the game, for both the player and the audience.

With that, it’s time to vote. Drea beats before she can be sent and plays the Knowledge Is Power feature, asking Mike about his idol. However, Mike tells her he doesn’t have one, shocking most of the tribe. It was revealed in a flashback that Omar chose to tell Mike about the feature, and is now sticking with Mike’s idol for him (it remains to be seen if he’ll bring it back). Again, that’s exactly what happened in 41 with the Knowledge Is Power feature, so it’s almost less of a dramatic punch when audiences actually saw this exact scene take place in Tribal before.

In the end, Doria was voted down despite trying to get an extra vote on Mike. She really came out swinging using every feature she had, which is a great move and much more satisfying than going out with an idol or a feature in her pocket. She spends some time with the tribe before she leaves, as she and Mike laugh at the extra vote she’s tried and deliver a one-sentence speech to each player. This was nice because it once again showed the relationship between the tribe, but it’s also a somewhat inconvenient situation when addressing players who leave the tribe in this way, as it can reveal information that should remain secret and blow up someone’s game (which shouldn’t be the player who Voted able to influence it anymore). It will be interesting to see if there are any fallout from next week, and whether the tribe will finally realize just how much of a game Omar has played so far.

Our rating:

3.5 out of 5 (very good)

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