Second Girls und Panzer das Finale released on Monday – News


On Monday, May 16th, MVM you will release Girls and Panzer das Finale Part 2 on Blu-ray. This is the second movie out of three to complete Girls and Panzer Franchise. Blu-ray also includes a file OVA Episode “The Taiyaki War”. MVM Release description:

After falling for the clever deception of BC Freedom High, the Oarai Girl’s High tank girls find themselves facing a very different battle than expected. However, Yukari doubts that any deception that could have been so easily carried out by many must have had Some grounds in reality. So, as the other school teams prepare to fight across competition, Oarai looks for a plan to undermine core business under opposition. The foundations of Momo’s personal life are equally precarious.”

Funimation A seasonal Blu-ray Collectors Edition will be released Wet StudioSeries Seraph from the end (The first season is called Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign The second is called Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya). The set will also include a 64-page booklet with artwork from the series.

Funimation The title describes:

“A virus has devastated the Earth, killing all but the smallest of society, and vampires arose out of the darkness to make all mankind their slaves. In this dark world, comes 16-year-old Yuichiro, who escapes from the clutches of vampires and joins the Moon Demon Company, a An elite extermination unit of the Imperial Japanese Army, which uses demonic weapons to fend off a horde of vampires.”

The series is based on a manga by the novelist Takaya Kagami (Legend of Legendary HeroesAnd A dark rabbit has seven souls), manga maker Daisuke Furuyaand a manga artist Yamato Yamamoto. Hiroyuki Sawano (lownessAnd The attack on the GiantsAnd blue exorcistAnd Mobile Suit Gundam UCAnd Sengoku Basara – The Samurai KingsAnd The seven deadly sinsProduced and co-authored music Takafumi WadaAnd Asami TachibanaAnd Megumi Shirashi. Sawano also produced the opening and ending themes.

Daisuke Tokudo Take the series out of the scripts by Hiroshi Seko.

Funimation will also be issued At that time, I embodied the role of slime Season Two, Part One on Blu-ray. Funimation The title describes:

“Taking a break from his time as a teacher, the powerful slime Rimuru Tempest returns to his kingdom. When trying to return, Rimuru stops a mysterious figure who is somehow able to restrict Rimuru’s magical abilities.”

Funimation will also be issued One piece Collection 26 on Blu-ray, containing episodes 615 to 641.

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