Shanks’ legendary bonds with Elbaf and Blackbeard


Elbaf is the land of giants and the most powerful country in the world. Elbaf has been foreseeing it for a long time, and the Straw Hats will definitely go there. A very popular theory suggests that this is where we will meet Shanks.

Shanks’ ship (like many Shanks characters) is based on ancient Viking traditions.

Shanks himself is based on Norse God Tyr, who represented Shanks with one hand.

Shanks and Tire share many similarities. Both are famous for their sword. their justice. And their hair is red. Tyre was known as the god of war, law, and justice. Which is strange because the Elbaf deity we don’t know yet is well known for these three traits.

Could Dory have talked about Shanks? Is Shanks the just buff god? I don’t know but one thing that always makes me think is Shanks meeting Eustace Kidd. I mean he cut his arm! why? Was it fair? Was Cade, who is famous for killing and destroying villages, brought in front of Shanks?

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