She-Hulk may transcend the character’s brutal history

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just got a little greener with the reveal of the latest trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The series looks to follow Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) as she attempts to navigate the life of a lawyer while dealing with the latest changes in her personal life after becoming a superhero subjected to gamma radiation. The show will mainly focus on more comedic roots, such as her sitcoms from the ’80s and ’90s. As a result, she seems to be barely focusing on her brutal roots, which will undoubtedly benefit the hero in the long run.

When the character was first introduced in She is a savage hulk (1980) by Stan Lee and John Bussima, The She-Hulk wasn’t as raging as their cousin, The Incredible Hulk. However, even though she had more control than Bruce, she still had bouts of giving in to the massive power she had recently gained. As a result, she was more reckless in her actions and was not afraid to cause massive property damage to stop the bad guy. While this worked for her character’s development in the comics, the MCU would benefit greatly from skipping this aspect of her life for the greater part of the series.

For many MCU fans, they’ve spent over a decade with The Hulk, who has grown from a being of pure rage into a hero and finally into the perfect balance between Bruce and his angrier side. This narrative journey successfully allowed the character to thrive in other films and provided a defining character. But getting Jennifer to grow up in a similar sense would be an origin story and a story that has already been shown with Bruce. In theory, this wouldn’t create anything new or new for fans to hold onto and wouldn’t differentiate it from its cousin.

Fortunately, the series took a different path and put Jennifer in a position to balance being a hero who was encouraged by her strength but still couldn’t find a balance between her personal life and her hero life. Moreover, with The Hulk having a hero in the eyes of the world, there are also the expectations that will come with her new power. Suddenly, The Hulk is no longer afraid, and now she must meet or exceed the expectations set by her cousin.

Internally, this narrative direction would also show the differences in the way she and Bruce handled their anger and teach a basic lesson in anger management. In the past, Bruce’s loss of control over his anger resulted in a primal freedom that was as liberating as it was dangerous. But with Jennifer, fans will see a new perspective because the person who has changed because of fear will also have the option of controlling and directing them rather than letting them rule them. In this sense, it will separate the protagonists and provide a perspective on how individuals can use their anger or fear and turn it into something constructive.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law It may have the same color palette as The Incredible Hulk, but the character it follows will offer a new journey around someone whose wrath will never know. By stepping past its mostly rough roots, this will also allow viewers to connect with a new kind of hero and show the pros and cons of a superhero’s life. But more than that, it will show how different Jennifer is from her cousin and how that will define her in the future when she finally takes up the mantle and cements the Hulk’s legacy.

She-Hulk: The Advocate arrives at Disney+ on August 17th.

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