Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie’s New Episode Has Shikimori Save Izumi. Shikimori’s latest episode isn’t just a cutie who has saved Shikimori Izumi


Shikimori is not just cute is a charming new anime rom-com starring huge sweetheart Shikimori, her cute but clumsy friend Izumi Yu and their daily adventures together. It only took a few episodes to make it clear that Shikimori is the strongest in this relationship, even if she has some minor flaws or weaknesses.

It’s usually up to Shikimori to protect her hapless friend Izumi from trouble, and when it’s time to play sports, Shikimori is the one who shines as the school’s famous sports star. In Episode 5, this trend continues, to the point where Shikimori’s subject becomes his powerful lifeguard girlfriend. It may have an effect on the narrative.

In Episode 4, Narrated Shikimori is not just cute Take simple steps to restore balance in the Shikimori/Izumi relationship by showing these two young lovers teasing each other for a hit and losing just as much after ending their phone conversation. In certain ways, Shikimori and her boyfriend are on equal footing, but when things get typically exciting Shikimore An episode, like Episode 5, Shikimori always shines. She’s the designated action star in the series, not Izumi.

In episode five, the five main friends visit the local river for some great outdoor fun, and mostly have a great time swimming and BBQ lunch. Then one of the local kids drifted into the river and Izumi rescued her, only to end up nearly drowning himself. Nikozaki and the others panic, and can only watch until Shikimori heroically dives into the water and easily rescues Izumi, gently scolding him on the riverbank. Therefore, Izumi must stay in the weakest part of the river, where Shikimori joins him for risk-free fun. The episode ends on a high note, but this narrative tendency may cause some minor issues in the future.

Five episodes in Shikimori is not just cute The anime seems unsure how to balance the film’s heroine, Shikimori herself. In some ways, the anime portrays her as a multi-faceted girl who is popular but not infallible, as when she is harassed or embarrassed to buy a provocative swimsuit for a river cruise. Then again, when an episode increases the stakes in any meaningful way, Shikimori becomes truly infallible, and her multifaceted nature falls by the wayside. Shikimori never loses when it really matters.

It’s nice that Shikimori’s character is balanced between elements like trust, insecurity, foolishness, jealousy, and heroic acts, but that only happens during low-stakes scenes where Shikimori doesn’t lose anything. When the real disagreement arrives in an episode, Shikimori can’t do anything wrong, and likewise, Izumi can’t do anything right. This can lead to a confusing tone, as Shikimori OP sounds balanced and balanced at the same time, and Episode 5 is a good example of this. Soon, Shikimori must fall short when the stakes are higher than ever, or at least he needs a teammate to help salvage the situation. She is much stronger than Izumi in these scenarios, and in order for both characters to progress, that should change soon. Izumi needs his turn to be a hero.

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