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. official website Hideaki Ano‘s Shin Kamen Rider The live-action movie began airing a trailer for the film on Friday. The site also unveiled a new teaser poster, as well as a new cast and crew for the movie.

Tasuko EmotoAnd Shinya TsukamotoAnd Toro TezukaAnd Suzuki Matsu They join the cast.

Katsuru Onui Attributed to the assistant director, with Iki Todoroki As an assistant director. famous designers Mahiro MaedaAnd Ikoto YamashitaAnd Yutaka Izubuchiwho collaborated with Anno on many previous projects such as EvangelionThey are the designers of the movie. (Yamashita has already been revealed as the designer of the updated Cyclone motorcycle.) Isao Tsuji He is a fashion designer. Taco Iwasaki (Read or dieAnd JürmungandAnd lagann gurren) composes music.

Shinichiro Shirakura He is the executive producer, with Daiju Koide and Kazutoshi Wadakura as producers. Munyuki K Attributed to planning and production. Toro More is the product of the line, and Masanori Kawashima He is a co-producer.

Susuke Ikimatsu (Left below) Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider will be played, while Minami Hamabi (Right) He will play the role of Ruriko Midorikawa.

The film will open in March 2023. Anu is directing, writing and producing the film. Shotaro Ishinomori He is credited as the original creator.

In addition to participating in writing and directing Evangelion FranchiseAnno is the principal writer and director of Shane Godzilla Next film and writer Shane Ultraman Movie.

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