Shone reacts to Laurent Bouneau’s comments on Freeze Corleone


Shone commented on recent statements by Laurent Bouneau, who explained himself on the deprogramming of Freeze Corleone on Skyrock.

A little less than two years later LMF and the controversy that followed, Laurent Bouneau returned at length to the deprogramming of Freeze Corleone on the airwaves of Skyrock nearAloha News. In addition, the director of radio programs explained the political pressure that resulted from the decision, recognizing however a particular talent in the author of “Freeze Raël”.

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Shone: “Laurent Bouneau really likes what Freeze does”

On his Twitter account, Shone reacted to these remarks, first mocking the conclusion drawn by Laurent Bouneau: “Freeze Corleone, great, he said he didn’t need Skyrock: he answered my problem”smiles the relative of the member of 667. In addition, Laurent Bouneau clarified that Freeze Corleone’s indifference to his place on the radio had sealed the fate of the song: “It happened: ‘I don’t want to be played. I don’t give a damn.” Perfect. The problem is solved“.

Despite everything, Shone assured, once again on Twitter, that the program director of Skyrock had nothing against the artist. “I understood one thing in this interview, he continues, Laurent Bouneau really likes what Freeze does and I’m sure he’s not against it. However, he did not have the necessary cojones”.

Indeed, Laurent Bouneau has a lot of esteem for the rapper: “His album was a bomb, he commented. I took a slap on this album, like I took a slap on Mauvais Oeil”. The decision to deprogram it was based on many other factors, he explains. For more details, discover our dossier dedicated to the case.

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