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spirits gets the PC, console version; prequel game

Shueisha games, ShueishaOn Sunday, the game publishing subsidiary revealed trailers for Captain Velvet Meteorite: Jump + DimensionsAnd Hatena no Tō: Children’s TowerAnd spirits Indian games. Shueisha Games are planning to publish or are currently publishing all three indie games.

Momo B Game Studio Captain Velvet Meteorite: Jump + Dimensions Coming to Switch this summer, with support for Japanese, English, and French. The trailer reveals the addition of Ushio Kofune from Daylight saving time display manga in the game, join other characters from Shounen Jump + manga, including Kaiju No. 8‘s Kafka Hippino heart gear‘s Chrom, slime life slime and Heaven’s Heaven: Jigokuraku‘s Jabemaru. Shueisha Games Describe the game:

Damien is a very creative and imaginative teenager born into a French-Japanese binational family. Damien’s personal world is shattered when his parents tell him that they have decided to leave France to live in Japan, a country he knows about mostly from every manga he reads. Damien will have to summon his superhero character, Captain Velvet Meteor, to deal with the anxiety of being in an entirely new place. He will face his fears and grow through the power of his imagination by summoning his favorite Jump+ characters to help him on his quest to escape from a mysterious planet and an unknown monster army.

Tasto Alpha Hatena no Tō: Children’s Tower It will be released this fall for an as yet unspecified platform, with support for both Japanese and English. Shueisha Games Describe the game:

Beyond the end of the world
There is a tower without end
In that tower lived people
All of them, children.

On top of the tower, arm in arm,
We survived together.

I believe in rumours…
I believe that at the bottom of this tower, paradise awaits …

gynolabo chest spirits On iOS and Android platforms on January 8, the trailer above reveals the game’s upcoming release for PC and console, as well as a new prequel titled SOULVARS Fatal error.

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