Sleepy Hollow 355 should debut soon

The final season of Sleepy Hollow It contained a lot of major changes in the series. This included huge transformations in the main characters, as well as moves in the location. Not all of these changes were positive. But the addition of Agency 355 was such a nice thing that it already had so much potential to show, enough that some people are wondering why it doesn’t come out soon.

The series begins in Sleepy Hollow where Ichabod Crane awakens from his long slumber to work alongside Abby Mills in the war against evil. By the time season four began, the only consistent main characters left were Ichabod and Abby Mills’ sister, Jenny. Furthermore it , Sleepy Hollow She moved from the city she was named after to Washington, D.C., and that was enough of a change to throw the series out of balance completely. Fortunately, some changes have already worked.

During the final episode of season three, Ezra Mills meets Ichabod at Abby’s grave. Crane gave a letter from George Washington certifying the existence of Agency 355 and firmly assigning Ichabod. The purpose of Agency 355 was to investigate and combat any paranormal threats that emerged, which it did for centuries while Crane slept. It was, for all intents and purposes, a Revolutionary War era version unknown filesJust without Mulder complaining about his sister nonstop.

the stranger, Agency 355 It had a lot of meaning in the context of the world it was built into Sleepy Hollow. An astonishing number of people on both sides of the battlefield of the Revolutionary War were well aware of the existence of magic, demons, and more. As such, it would make sense for the first president of the United States to create a governmental body to deal with all of that/

Honestly, an organization like this would have been an excellent addition to the series from an earlier point. They could have provided important help and information for Ichabod and Abbie. From a storytelling perspective, bringing Agency 355 into the show sooner would have provided a wide range of options for expanding the narrative.

What didn’t make sense was that it took a long time for Agency 355 to appear in the series. Jake Wells and Alex Norwood had been working there for a few years by the time they made their debut in Season 4, Episode 1. By his own admission, Jake has been watching Ichabod and Abby’s adventures in Sleepy Hollow for some time. If that’s the case, it doesn’t make sense that those characters or the agency they work for didn’t show up sooner.

This doesn’t even take into account August Corbin, who is a close friend of Ezra Mills and a longtime mentor to both Abbie and Jenny. He’s been a soldier in the fight against evil for most of his adult life, collecting information and artifacts to help with that war. If anyone was aware of an organization like Agency 355, it would surely be him. However, he never mentioned the organization to Jenny, and it never appeared in any of the files she left behind for Abby.

In the end, Agency 355 will probably debut when it did due to Nicole Behari’s departure from the series. With Abby Mills, one of the two most important characters on the show, losing the brains behind her Sleepy Hollow Need a way to fill the void. No matter why Agency 355 took so long to appear, that doesn’t change the fact that it should have been around much sooner.

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