Some Xbox gamers are about to get a great new group chat feature


A new feature coming to Xbox Party Chat promises to suppress background noise and allow conversations to be free from audio pollution.

Xbox Live First made available to original Xbox console owners in November 2002, it revolutionized console gaming along with Sony’s PlayStation Network that would follow four years later. While the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube technically feature internet access, Xbox has brought modes of online gaming that were previously only available on PC. Unfortunately, for the next two decades, poor audio quality has been an issue with the Xbox Live Party Chat experience, but a new update available to members of the Xbox Insider Program may finally alleviate these issues.

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This new update will filter microphone audio through a Noise Suppression Step while you’re in the party conversation, which will hopefully cancel out any baby screams, barking dogs, or any unwanted background sound that might be picked up by a party member’s headphone and picked up in The path of the play session. However, it won’t improve the mic’s sub-par sound, even though Microsoft made available a new Xbox stereo headset last year which should be a decent upgrade.

While noise suppression may seem like a somewhat unnecessary inclusion for those who don’t spend much time in party chat lobbies, in larger groups, these chats can often turn into a cacophony of hissing, loud microphones, and game sound reverberating from a TV. Someone, and all sorts of background whispers pollute the player’s audio input. Years ago, just talking to friends online was a new thing to celebrate, but today, especially after Xbox took steps to allow players without Xbox Live Gold access to Party Chat lobbies, it’s becoming clear that there are higher standards to strive for. .

In 2020, Discord released an update that allowed users to suppress background sound that might bleed through their microphones, and PC players had access to several options to smooth out faint background noise for some time. However, while features like this were great during the early days of online gaming, they are nonetheless welcome in 2022.

While the noise suppression feature will only be a part of Party Chat, for now, it could have practical applications in some of the more populous Xbox multiplayer titles. Top games like Between usAnd roblox gameAnd sea ​​of ​​thieves can benefit, All of these Xbox games feature close-up chatting. There’s no worse feeling than giving up on a team site or letting confidential information slip because of a faulty microphone, and in the future, developers may be able to mitigate these issues on Xbox.

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