Sophie Turner names the Game Of Thrones star she co-starred with and is still close to


Sophie Turner will be starring in a brand new HBO series soon, but fans are still talking about her memorable performance in game of thrones Like Sansa Stark, Queen of the North. Due to her busy schedule, fans were wondering if she had any time to keep up game of thrones buddies. Now, thanks to a new interview, they may finally have an answer to that question.

where game of thrones Three years ago, Turner was preoccupied with some big developments in her personal life, including her marriage to Joe Jonas and the birth of her first child. During these milestones, Turner has been able to keep in touch with at least one of her former co-stars since then game of thrones is over.

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Speaking to Elle UK, Turner said that being a mother helped her stay close to one of them game of thrones Co-stars: Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow on the show. Turner explained that she’s seen Harrington “a little bit” recently since she had a baby too, with Rose Leslie, who was also in game of thrones Jon Snow also interest Ygritte. Turner and Harrington have bonded with each other about their newfound parenting and have “both taken another step in our lives together,” Turner says.

Naturally, fans were expecting Turner to name Maisie Williams, who played Sansa Arya Stark’s sister on the show, instead of Harrington, since the two actresses previously declared they were best friends in real life. Williams’ omission from the interview led to earlier rumors that the two had been at odds. These rumors stemmed from the fact that Williams was absent from two Turner milestones: her wedding to Joe Jonas in 2019 and the birth of her daughter Willa in 2020.

However, it was later confirmed that Williams was indeed present at Turner’s second wedding, and despite not meeting the baby during the pandemic, she still has contact with Turner and her other character. game of thrones Coworkers approx. In fact, Elle tells that the entire cast is in a group chat where they can all catch up with each other.

Due to the amazing chemistry that appears on the screen like the blood sisters in game of thronesIt’s understandable why fans are so worried about their real-life friendship. However, just because Turner didn’t mention Williams’ name in Elle’s interview, that doesn’t mean she no longer considers her a friend. The two actresses have said in previous interviews that they have nothing but love for each other and that they will always be a part of each other’s lives. They even share a matching tattoo that reads “07.08.09”, which represents the date they both found out they had. game of thrones roles. That alone should be enough to calm anxious fans.

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source: Elle UK

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