Spider-Punk debuted in Badass New Hulk and Venom variants

The Spider-Band appears in full force on the cover of the latest Marvel release of Spider-Punk, giving fans a first look at the punk rock Hulk and Venom.

casing spider bank #5 Gives fans a first look at Robbie Banner’s Hulk and his cool new Venom variant.

Written by Cody Ziglar and illustrated by Justin Mason, spider bank Number 5 is the latest installment in the Spider-Punk mini-series, which follows the rebellious Hobie Brown as the Anarchic Spider-Punk – the “Rockerboy” Spider-Man variant of EARTH-138. Its cover, written by Takashi Okazaki, hints at an explosive finale.

As Spider-Punk, Brown uses strength and music to battle oppressive villains in New York City, and leads his spider squad made up of other variants of Marvel heroes, including Karl Morningdew/Captain Anarchy, Riri Williams/RiotHeart, Robbie Banner/Hulk, Kamala Khan A reckless female. Equipped with punk rock designs, the characters reflect the sitcom’s most dystopian and cynical setting.

Spider-Punk was originally created by writer Dan Slott and artist Olivier Coipel. Marvel introduced the character for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #10 (2015) over spider verse story. Hobie Brown, whose counterpart in the 616 was a Prowler, was a homeless teenager who was transformed by a irradiated spider due to President Norman Osborne’s dumping of toxic waste. He gains spider-like abilities and becomes the punk rock-inspired Spider-Man. With an ax and a behavior, his mission is to free the oppressed people of New York from Osborne’s forces in Venom. In the end, Superior Spider-Man – Otto Octavius’s mind in Peter Parker’s body – recruits Brown to join his army of Spider-Man.

Fans can read the first two issues of spider bank Now while waiting for issue #3 to drop on July 13th. The upcoming story will feature the Spider-Band traveling through Philly as they help their Earth version of Daredevil (real name unknown) fight Kingpin. The series has already shown Spider-Punk fighting off threats like the Misfits version of Kraven, The Hunters, and the Taskmaster – not much different from his 616 counterpart.

  • spider bank No. 5 (of 5)
  • Cody Ziglar (W)
  • Justin Mason (A)
  • Cover by Takashi Okazaki
  • Saddam in the capital!
  • The stage is set, the instruments set, and everything is ready to go.
  • …execution?!
  • Better yet, Spider-Punk and his team of misfits live in time to emerge! one more time. Song. One! more! Song!
  • 32 s.
  • T rating… $3.99

Written by Cody Ziglar and illustrated by Justin Mason, spider bank #5 Lands In Comic Book Stores On August 3rd From Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics

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