Square Enix Building New Studios After Sale of Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Avengers


Just weeks after selling several major IPs, including the Tomb Raider, Square Enix promised in a financial statement to invest in new studios and IPs.

Square Enix shocked the gaming world in early May when it sold off several major studios, but in its latest financial report, the publisher promised to build new studios and focus on original IP addresses.

As I mentioned GamesRadarSquare Enix’s statement outlines the company’s plans to strengthen the “IP ecosystem” by growing “a strong IP (including the creation of a new IP address)”. Titled “Reshaping the Digital Entertainment Portfolio,” Enumerative Point promises to “enhance game development capabilities by creating new studios.”

summary Square Enix The report includes three years’ worth of financial statements as well as the general distribution of the publisher’s active franchises. It also includes a summary of Square Enix’s recent deal with Embracer Group, which saw the Japanese gaming giant’s paths with three studios in North America and the franchises they were responsible for developing. This deal that shook the industry included large IP addresses such as Tomb riderAnd The former godAnd thief And kenya heritage.

Square Enix’s sale left many people wondering about the company, as well as the future of the game’s franchises on both sides of the deal. The publisher appears to wish to reassure both fans and investors with this financial statement, promising to “take on new areas” and “strengthen the global publishing function by appointing a Head of Publishing.” Embracer Group, a media holding company from Sweden, paid $300 million in the deal, a paltry sum compared to recent acquisitions in the gaming world by Microsoft and Sony.

Several other pages in the publisher’s report are devoted to outlining the company’s initiatives to “promote the Blockchain Entertainment industry.” This includes bullet points such as “issuing redeemable exclusive tokens and designing profit structures”. Square Enix has publicly supported NFTs, blockchain technology, and the “metaverse,” though many fans have reacted negatively. The new report outlines the company’s plans to invest in Animoca Brands and THE SANDBOX, companies focused on “blockchain gaming… in the Web 3.0 space” and “the development and operation of the decentralized metaverse.”

Excluding mobile titles, Square Enix was released in 2022 fall of BabylonAnd Life is Strange Remastered CollectionAnd Chocobo GB And Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy. foresbook, a new IP from developer Luminous Productions, has been pushed back from its May release date until October 11. Square Enix has no further confirmed release dates for 2022.

source: Square Enix via GamesRadar

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