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Welcome back to another great week in gaming! It’s been a while since I did rude self-promotion. So, before we get started, I’d like to direct you to my review of Height of the Ioden Chronicle On Gamespot, plus I wrote a great feature on one of my favorite old games, TaitoAmazing Bubble SymphonyFor British magazine Retro Gamer (may be carried by US local Barnes and Noble). Please go check it out!

Anyway… Do you know what I like? Those times when everyone gets together on social media to do something fun. Like, remember Bowsette? That was a period when everyone was doing Bowsette’s art fun. Everyone was wrapping around a concept and having fun with it. That was great! Oh, and Jack-O pretending, that was fun too!

Why am I raising these things? Because something similar happened last week. But instead of celebrating a fan-created character or a goofy animation, players of all stripes were brought together for a different reason: to mock the latest stupid thing Activision-Blizzard did. And boy, was this one an imp!

It’s always justified to indulge in Blizzard action

My dear, so where are you the beginning with this person. Well, so, out of nowhere, Activision Blizzard created a blog post promoting their latest technology, developed by their mobile game team King ( candy crush Youth). Folks, I present to you: Diversity space tool!

The Internet took one group look at the blog post and accompanying photos and stared at it in disbelief. Certainly, Activision Blizzard – which has been no stranger to controversy over the past year – is eager to start rehabilitating its image. And what better way to demonstrate that they are committed to getting better than by demonstrating their technology to create diversity for everyone? After all, diversity is a hot, positive buzzword!

But this is not the reaction of AVI. Instead, what they got was resounding “What is the actual shit This is?” Followed by several articles and articles that explain how absurd the idea behind the diversity space tool is.

Now, there is a file Much from Articles There he explains how that’s pretty bad, but what people have found most bizarre (and most painfully hilarious) is having scores assigned to different characteristics of a character, like culture, race, age, body type, sexual orientation…just look at that picture over there and you’ll see what I mean. This is supposed to “border between glyphs and real representation”. But how do these points work? Is there some kind of target quota? Is there someone manually sorting this out, or is there an algorithm that looks at the design and judges based on the data samples fed? (Maybe the latter.) All this comes as a realistic representation of this Drill’s famous tweet.

But perhaps the most insulting thing about the Diversity Space Tool is that it is a complex solution to a problem very easy Solved. Here’s what you do: Hire employees from different backgrounds, Make sure you don’t create a hostile work environment for them to keep going (This is important!), then ask for input and feedback on character designs. It works better than any kind of algorithm, and it makes employees feel that their input is valued and respected. Everyone wins!

The mockery of social media was so quick and unforgiving that Activision Too fast to edit a post To remove some images and references to games in development like Monitor 2, but this was long after everyone had already archived the hell out of it all. I had many employees in the company words about everythingAnd now Activision, in its attempt to harness the goodwill of diversity, has turned out even worse. This completely achievement!


Hello, have you heard of Jinshin effect? I’m sure you did, because it’s a massive global hit making millions of dollars a day for its developer, who is based in China miHoYo. miHoYo Not only does it seem to be making a lot of Genshin gacha money for the foreseeable future, they’ve announced a brand new title as their brand new “HoYoverse” initiative. Here is the first look at this new game, Zenless Zone Zero.

From an aesthetic point of view, Zenless Zone Zero It is a noticeable departure from the realms of imagination Jinshin And Honkai trace. Instead, we see a modern futuristic scene filled with wild architecture, silly cool weapons, and amazing costumes. It makes me think a lot about the “cheerfully awful” design feel of Splatoon games, and I wouldn’t be surprised if miHoYo I looked at those titles for some visual inspiration. It doesn’t look so impressive — if Jinshin The money is clearly being put to work.

Character designs are also a wild buck. Cat, masked street villains, little girls with huge hammers, and fur are prominently featured in the trailer. miHoYoHe was clearly studying character archetypes that had mass appeal to the wider Internet.

However, we only know the name of one of the characters so far. Anby Denara is the gray-haired girl you see above. She lives in New Eridu, the last permanent post-apocalyptic metropolitan area. Basically, everything is destroyed thanks to the hollow, an alternate dimension that spreads its supernatural spread into the world to wreak havoc. The only reason New Eridu has survived is thanks to the Proxies – specially trained guides and fighters who gather resources from these outer dimensions.

“Anby” is an agent, part of a gang called Cunning Hares. She and her partners compete with various competitors (individuals, other gangs, and huge corporations) for the main quarry and the rewards that come with them. And guess what – your player character is an agent too! Suffice it to say, that Anby and her cohorts aren’t the only crew you’ll be out on your multidimensional adventures with, but we’ll have to wait until miHoYo Hand out to deets to learn more about the other awesome alien creatures that the trailer has given us.

ZZZ Is a direct service game, very similar to miHoYoOf the other offerings, it’s likely free to play with gacha items. Platforms have not yet been determined, but computers and smartphones are clear targets, given how successful others have been miHoYo The addresses are found in those spaces. There is currently a subscription to the Synthesis Test (Basically a closed beta) It’s set for some unspecified points in the future, so if you’re interested in trying ZZZ In advance, click this link and submit miHoYo your information!

will ZZZ It’s a hit like Jinshin? It’s hard to say this early on, but miHoYoThe ingenuity of development and the strength of marketing means that this will be on many people’s radars at least. I certainly hope the gameplay is as fun as it is fun to look at.

Sony It lists a bunch of games you’ll be able to play on your new PS PLUS…right?

We won’t have to wait any longer for it to be freshly split Play Station In addition to the service available. As you may remember, the new PS Plus levels are SonyHis efforts to compete with MicrosoftThe widely popular Xbox Game Pass, which gives subscribers a large selection of downloadable games (including new release titles) for a monthly fee on Xbox and PC. SonyThe initial announcement was met with a “rather lukewarm reception, with many people wanting to know what games will be available on the service before deciding if they want to join the more expensive service. Well, the list is out, and it kind of… Okay?

Instead of posting the full list here, I’ll link you to a previous piece of news from ANN with the full list of PS4/PS5 games. There are definitely some good things out there, like all of Gravity Rush games, Devil Spirits, Ghost of Tsushima, Patabun And Patapon 2, Resogun, Soul Calibur VI… But at this point, a lot of these games are cheap and/or popular enough that most people who want to own them already do. Certainly, serving such people will lead to a gaming experience that they might not otherwise have, and SonyIt is possible that the timed beta service for new titles that also comes with higher levels of PS Plus will help people discover interesting new releases as well. compared to MicrosoftView, however, it feels anemic. PS1 / PS2 / PS3 games are available at the highest level (which you can check out hereNot very exciting either.

It feels like Sony She’s trying to play catch-up here, but she’s still far behind. One of the biggest selling points of Game Pass is access to new releases, which Sony Unwilling to do so, and they don’t seem to have much support from a third party other than a few companies like Bandai NamcoAnd CapcomAnd UbisoftAnd Square Enix. Most of these companies do not give access to their titles “the jewel in the crown” – where is it Final Fantasy VII Remake? Dark Souls 3? Monster Hunter World? Street Fighter V? if Sony Wanting this to be a viable competitor to GamePass, they have a lot of work ahead of them.

miscellaneous news

  • there is new Fairy Fencer F The game is coming. Fairy Fencer F was an RPG that was first released on PS3 (with later improved ports for PC and Switch) which was made by Idea Factory‘s heart collection studio. It was very much heart collection game, and you can interpret this statement however you like. Follow-up , Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord, Turns the genre into a strategy RPG and acquires a new code developer in The scorpion, who tends to enjoy his work, but has been stuck working on contract for the past several years. Maybe this will turn out well?
  • also announced: Project code name ma new adventure from NOVECT (formerly Novectacle), creators of beloved visual novels. The house in Fata Morgana. There isn’t much to go on yet, but knowing there is this is enough to get a lot of people excited.
  • at interview With the Noisy Pixel website, producer Mei Erikawa stated that KOEI Tecmo Would “definitely consider releasing English language versions” of ruby party otome games to continue Token Ranbu WarriorsWhich will be coming to Switch and Steam next week. I was yelling about the importance ruby partyTo the history of games for a long time, so I would really like to see some kind of campaign organized to translate their titles. We can do it!
  • There is a group of the silent HillRelated rumors that I don’t really want to delve into it until something is confirmed. disappointment and the silent Hill It goes hand in hand, after all.

Another week is coming to an end. Do you have any thoughts on this week’s topics? I welcome any and all mockery of Activision Blizzard and all the stupid and horrible things they do on the forums, linked below. But if you only want to talk about it Zenless Zone Zero Or whether or not you’re upgrading your PS Plus subscription, that’s great too. Or anything else related to games, really. Everything is wonderful. Have a great weekend, and keep playing!

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