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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It is the latest entry into the decades-old franchise and it was clear from the jump that the new series wanted to return to the franchise’s roots. While some of the attempts to do so have been a bit exaggerated, for the most part the show seems to have found the perfect balance. Strange new worlds Technically a branch of Star Trek: Discovery But it definitely looks like she’s trying to find a way to make her own path.

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It looks like Anson Mount has finished the MCU and is now ready to travel through space as Captain Pike. Star Trek fans know the character as the man who was once seen as the kind of father figure to Captain James T. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some characters that fans of the series won’t recognize in this new branch. In fact, as the USS Enterprise launches through space, there are three very memorable characters who will be front and center in Strange New Worlds. The second episode of the new series spent a lot of time focusing on one of these characters and the show did it in a fun and entertaining way and had the right mix of focus on the backstory and the new adventure ahead.

One of the most loved characters in Star Trek The Nyota Uhura franchise has always been, although at the same time, not much is known about the character. The original series didn’t really know how to delve into her life before serving on the bridge alongside Captain Kirk Strange new worlds It now gave them the ability to do so.

While the original Lieutenant Aura has broken some boundaries over the years, there was still a bit of a mystery about where she came from and what she was doing before she became the character everyone knows. A good portion of this episode focused on young Aura as she talked about where she came from and why she ended up where she is now. The fact that Celia Rose Gooding is such a good actress certainly helps, but the show also did a really good job of actually making it look like she might be a smaller version of the beloved character.

She’s definitely a bit shy more than the old version that people know better, but that should of course be the case. It is a new brand in the enterprise and has not yet found a foothold. At the same time, she’s someone who won’t hold back when she has something to say. This particular character can look a little annoying if not done right, but Gooding seems to be able to walk this tightrope better than the others who’ve been able to. help people Strange new worlds They really feel like family together. Even when there are new additions to the ship, the veterans of the group welcome and allow people to feel like they are a part of Star Trek family.

Uhura was the centerpiece of the show for more than one reason. It wasn’t just about highlighting her background. There was also some fullness of character in the hearing and now. In the process, the show did a very good job of making sure of it Star Trek Fans get to know why it’s so important to the original Star Trek It is cast by many others who routinely go on dangerous missions and save the galaxy. The show manages to make it clear that young Uhura has truly earned her spot with Star Fleet and Enterprise. In fact, it turns out in this particular episode, that the crew was likely blown off the map.

This mission, by the way, is about a comet heading toward a more primitive planet that doesn’t have anything close to space travel capabilities. Civilization is on the verge of extinction and the establishment has decided that they will try to intervene and stop the comet. However, it turns out things aren’t as easy as they thought it would be when they fire torpedoes at the thing to try and make it change direction. However, it turned out that the comet had a power shield around it and that wasn’t the only thing that went wrong. Because he Star Trek It also happened that there was an alien race involved that was a protector of the comet and was a bit more powerful than the Foundation.

while the new Star Trek The shows are seen as somewhat more military than the original show and even next generation It was when it came to dealing with their problems. There were more than a few fans who expressed their displeasure that the shows had taken over star Wars Feel for them instead of using diplomacy and futuristic technology to solve the many problems that often arise.

While the excuse to be more militaristic is that even if Star Fleet doesn’t want to go to war, the people they encounter do. But, Strange new worlds He seems to have found a way to make it clear that violence would be an absolute last resort. It can actually seem like it’s very difficult if it is not done the right way. However, so far, during the second episode, the show has actually been pretty good about getting around the need to fire its bombers at another ship in a rage. The show looks useful and interesting because it seems to have gotten the formula exactly right so far.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It airs every Thursday on Paramount Plus

Our rating:

4.5 out of 5 (must watch)

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