Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Trailer is out now

by Youssef

With high expectations, Netflix decided to drop the Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 trailer before the show’s next stage. We will disassemble it for you. Everything is fast paced. If you blink, you lose something on the way. Keep in mind that if you’ve followed the series, you know that this production ended with a major event from the first stop. On top of that, we’ll have to see how each main character wraps up their story line.

Furthermore, the gang will go to war with the Upside Down. But now, they have to face Vecna, a powerful enemy they have to deal with. So, let’s get this thing started. We watched and rewatched this trailer to give you what we’ve observed to try and give you the edge on what’s going on there. Because there’s a lot going on in this trailer, without further ado, let’s get started.

Are you ready for the last part of Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Trailer Breakdown

Things start with the music that sets the tone for the trailer. It’s Kate Bush’s famous song, “Running Up That Hill,” that has made TikTok and Spotify play it over and over again, sending it to the top of the charts. So, what do you want Netflix an act? Put it in the trailer to take advantage of that hype but with a rearranged version of the tune. Then we see the kids driving their cars in the mobile home to the big fight. And although the battle against monsters, Hawkins’ crew has enough emotions to face these monsters brilliantly. So, we’re left wondering if this mobile home looks like a command center or not.

Next, we see how Eleven – who has had a really tough season – tries to get her magic back from Vecna ​​in the depths of the Upside Down and try to save the world again. So while Papa may tell her she’s not ready, that won’t stop her. Now is the time to really speed things up. After that, we see many wounds, the first being a few Vecna ​​and Nancy in the Upside Down equivalent of Hawkins’ Lab, and it seems that there have been a lot of deaths because there is blood and bodies everywhere.

Nancy stuck in upside down

With Nancy still stuck in the Upside Down, the gang is determined to save her. So, we’ll have to see how much Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is actually showing there. However, looking at the promo alone, it seems like a lot! Now, it looks like Joyce and Hopper are facing some kind of quest or adventure. And while we’d like to see everyone in the same place, the trailer distracts them. And speaking of distractions, they must have managed to be pretty distracting because Steve and Nancy got their hands on some guns along the way.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Introduction:

Brenner audio commentary

Brenner’s voiceover in the trailer is likely part of a conversation with Eleven after she learns the truth about her and Vecna’s past. Although Brenner was the one who pushed Eleven to her limits during the sensory deprivation sessions, he seems to hate her returning to Hawkins to help her friends. Given arc Brenner, who alternates between being Hawkins’ gray moral scholar and founder of Hawkins’ MK Ultra Project, Brenner might want to use Eleven for his purposes.

While his opposite view is unclear at this time, it appears that Eleven has made up her mind about helping her friends, emphasizing emphatically that her friends need her help and staying away from Brenner. If Vecna ​​wants to remake Hawkins into another version of the Upside Down, or worse, merging the two worlds, Brenner’s ominous “Hawkins will fall” streak could foreshadow future events. Furthermore, Vecna ​​still has unfinished business with Eleven, which makes a clash between the two inevitable. Is Brenner right when he says she’s not ready? After all, she only recently regained her strength and has no direct knowledge of Vecna’s abilities.


The gang is willing to face their deepest fears, and we don’t say that lightly. Nancy is seen fearlessly firing her pistol at something, similar to her earlier interventions, such as the Battle of Starcourt Mall. Meanwhile, Lucas, who has struggled with the idea of ​​fit this season, Jason faces the jock bully. This is an important turning point for Lucas, as he was initially willing to part ways with his friends to get along with the famous jocks but now seems more than willing to hit him.

While Jason struggled with Chrissy’s death and was understandably affected by the events, he and his followers contributed greatly to the idea that Eddie Monson and the Hellfire Club were responsible for the deaths, causing mass hysteria among the population inspired by a demonic panic. In the inverted part, we see Steve and the others hack through a portal, which could be a small portal back into the real world. This number is like Eleven watching the sky change color, Eddie playing his guitar, and Hopper having a very close encounter with a creature.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Trailer

are you ready?

last scene

The final scene of the Stranger Things 2 trailer is terrifying. Vecna ​​says Eleven’s friends died, unlike a shot of Eleven inside Creel House, likely using her power. Is this the result of someone in the group dying, causing Eleven to grieve a lot? Although we tend to say that El will undoubtedly save the day and finally defeat Vecna, things may not be so simple in Season 4, in a sense, Vecna ​​was created after Eleven opened the gate, and the battle between the two would undoubtedly be the climax At the end of the season, as it appeared as the end and the only hope for the end.

Everyone fought bravely, although we haven’t yet seen El’s reunion with the gang at Hawkins, which could theoretically be a huge morale boost for everyone, especially when it comes to banding together and fighting a powerful being like Vecna. However, El will have to face Vecna ​​alone in the end, making their arcs complete and allowing Eleven to fully regain her strength.

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