Summer Show Episode 4 and Hiroko, the god of hunting


The following contains spoilers for Summertime Rendering Episode 4, “Jamais Vu,” available on Disney+ (Japan).

During the festival, Shinbi briefly mentions that in Hitogashima, there is a belief in the existence of a hunting god named Hiroko no Mikoto. Shinbi explains that the people of Hitogashima believe that Hiroko inhabits everything that drifts ashore. All debris that ends up on the beach is collected and burned in a festive tradition called omyokuri. This represents the sending of Hiroko, the expulsion of God away, and thousands of people come to witness it.

This deity is based on the true Japanese deity Hiroko, more commonly known as Ebisu. In Japanese mythology, Ebisu is the god of hunters and one of the seven gods of fortune. Ebisu is worshiped by fishermen and businessmen all over Japan and to bring good health to children. To understand the relationship of this god with a story summer showIt is important to understand the legendary story of Hiroko.

Where did Hiroko come from?

Hiroko was the son of Izanagi and Izanami, the creator deities who formed the islands of Japan. Hiroko was born without bones and limbs, and as a result, Izanagi and Izanami were disgusted with him. They named him Hiroko, meaning “baby leech” because of his deformity. The couple ended up throwing him into the sea to get rid of him.

Hiroko drifts ashore and becomes an EbisuShinpei-Meets-Ushio-Beach-Summertime-Rendering-Episode-3-1

After drifting around the ocean for some time, Hiroko is said to have landed ashore on the shores of Hokkaido and was cared for by an Ainu woman known as Ebisu Sapporo. Hiroko was raised by Ebisu Sapporo as her king among the Ainu people. Hiroko overcame many challenges and luckily ended up growing his limbs and bones, eventually becoming known as Ebisu, the god of hunters.

Despite remaining deaf and slightly paralyzed by his birth, Ebisu’s personality has remained high-spirited and positive. This is shown by his statues placed all over Japan, many of which are shown with smiling smiles and high expressions.

How is Hiroko’s story related? summer show

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, the true forms of shadows are shape-shifting beings without bones or a solid structure to them. This is similar to how Hiroko is born without bones and limbs. Shadows in summer show They are able to take the form of another person by simply appearing near them and shedding a flash of bright light. This is how Shinpei was transcribed by Shadow. This is one way to relate Hiroko’s story to summer show.

How Ushio is an Ebisu in summer show

Likely to Ushio summer show Ebisu because of her story so far. At the beginning summer showOshio drowned in the ocean due to someone wanting to get rid of her, as she had painful marks on her neck. This is the same as what Izanami and Izanagi did to get rid of Hiruko in the hope that he would die in the ocean.

Ushio was brought back to shore after she drowned, but her death was confirmed. This is similar to how the worshiper of Hiroko or Ebisu of the deity sees everything drifting ashore and ending up on the shores.

Just like drifting debris collected rather than discarded, after Ushio’s death, she has a funeral and is then cremated. Her body and bones were burnt – she became boneless and limbless, ashes and dust. This process is also the same as the omyokuri ceremonial tradition of keeping Hiroko or Ebisu away.

In this fourth episode of summer show, “Jamais Vu”, by a lucky event, Ushio returns with her full personality and meets a Shinbei on the beach, just like how Hiroku met Ebisu Saburo on the beach. Ushio lights up after meeting Shinpei again, and she seems still as happy and positive as ever, similar to Hiroku’s transformation into Ebisu. Throughout the entire episode, Ushio was also wearing a swimsuit, symbolizing her association with water.

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