Summer Time Show Episode 7: Release date and preview


Summer Time Show Episode 7 Release Date Details
Summer Time Show Episode 7 Release Date Details

Summer Time Show Episode 7 will be one of the most exciting, and viewers can’t wait for the new episode. The DST show follows a pattern where one episode is slow, and the other has a lot of mystery. As Shinpei’s investigation of Nagumo and Nezu will continue in Episode 7 of the DST Show, he’s sure to unravel many mysteries. Although the final episode was slow in pace and let viewers settle on the events that happened in Episode 5. So before we get into the details of Episode 7 of DST, let’s take a look at what happened in the final episode of DST.

As seen in Episode 5, Shinpei asks Nagumo to shoot her so he can go back to July 22nd. Episode 6 tells the story of Nagumo and Shinpei again but from two different perspectives. The first part is through Nagumo’s, and the second is through Shinpei’s. Nagumo lands on the island via the ferry, and there are many things to hint at about Shinbi. She seems to know something about Shinbi, and at one point, she even believes that Shinbi is still human. It turns out that Nagumo was also a resident of the island whose real name is Hizuru Minamikata. When she sees a sign of Ushio’s funeral, she goes there to talk to Alan, Ushio’s father.

Daylight Saving Time Show Episode 6 Recap

Alan spoke to her and even told her about the marks on Ushio’s neck, making a big fuss about it and opening the coffin to see the marks on Ushio’s neck. She meets Shiori’s mother and realizes that she is a shadow with her husband. Later, I met Nezu, and they talked about shadows. She gave him a phone and told her that someone would call. At one point, she even saved Alan from his shadow when he was going to kill him in the toilet. Nagumo plots a plan and kills Shadow of Alan.

Daylight Saving Time Show Episode 6 Summary
Nagumo from episode 6

Meanwhile, Shinbi tries his part in the investigation by planning quite well and repeating everything he can. To understand when Mio’s Shadow copied her, Shinpei even asked Mio what color the underwear she was wearing. He asked her specifically if she was wearing white underwear, and she said yes reluctantly. From this, Shinbi concluded that Miyo’s shadow copied it yesterday while on duty. Shinbi draws things so well that they don’t stand out and get caught by the shadows. He even asked Shiori if she had seen her doppelganger, and in doing so, he noticed that the entire Shiori family had turned into a shadow.

His first goal was to find Nagumo, so people asked if they had seen a woman with a big chest. Alan gives him a note saying she has left her phone number, but it needs to be decrypted. He called the number, and Nezu picked up the phone and asked him to put it down. To check if it’s a shadow, the first thing Nezu does is shoot a Shinbi’s shadow with a sniper. Shinbi finally meets Nagumo and asks her to sign one of her novels. Nagumo tells him that very few people know about her true identity, and Shinbi knows about her. Then I told him that he must have the ability to travel through time.

Daylight Saving Time Show Episode 7 Release Date

DST Episode 7 will be released on May 27, 2022. The title of the episode will be “Enemies”. Whereas, DST Episode 7 airing time is 12:00 AM JST (Japanese Standard Time). Episode 7 predictions can be imagined for Nagumo to reveal more of what she knows about shadows. She might even tell him why she came to this island and how she knows what she knows about Shinbi’s powers. His strength is one of the biggest mysteries in the entire series and it would be interesting to learn more about it.

DST Introducing Episode 7 Predictions
DST Introducing Episode 7 Predictions

Watch Summer Time Rendering Episode 7 online – broadcast details

Summer Time Show Episode 7 will be available to watch on Disney + Website once released to global audiences.

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