Superman’s death gave his cat his greatest strength

Superman: Son of Kal El It was generally a particularly sterile publication. Deaths are relatively frequent but are photographed from a fairly distance. Violence exists, but it generally occurs without bloodshed. all in all, son of Kal-il It has proven to be a depiction of another Blue Boy Scout, but one that aims to sweep social change and kindness toward others.

This makes the latest release very shocking. In the same issue, the usually black and white comics brought an element of moral gray to Superman’s young partner, Jay Nakamura. However, more important to Jon is to reveal that Jon’s careful use of his powers is not out of the need to disguise him like his father or submit to a delicate tutelage. Rather, it was due to a mistake that led to the horrific death of John’s pet cat.

Batman takes John Kent and Lois Lane to a lair at the end of issue #10, and #11 reveals that the Dark Knight has taken along the eldest Kents, Jon’s grandparents. A conversation between the Cape Crusader and the elder Jonathan Kent reveals a large part of John’s previously unexplored background. The young man of steel had a cat. Unfortunately, that cat was overrun by a bird of prey.

When the hawk flew away with John’s cat, Superboy, who hopes to use his laser vision, tries to kill the hawk and bring his cat back. Unfortunately, he underestimated the heat and the effect of his laser vision, which killed the cat. Although fumigating an animal would be cruel, its lack of control did not lead to such a clean kill. Instead, the burning skeleton of Jon’s childhood friend crashes to the ground, a blazing pile of bones and flesh.

As horrific as it may be for a young Superboy, it has enabled him as Superman to be eager to judge his powers completely. In issue 11, when someone tries to manipulate John, essentially casting him as a hero, the man is confident in his actions and continues with his plan. Although a painful lesson, careful learning of Jon as a result of his cat’s death saved at least one person in this trouble, and it’s also possible that he instructed him to exercise restraint and led to a discussion of Jay’s secrets, rather than a knee-jerk reaction as Batman did.

Although many heroes have to make decisions based on who they fail to save, like Spider-Man’s failure to save Gwen Stacy, it’s rare that a moment comes with such a strong emotional connection to the reader and such a clear connection to the entire story at its fingertips. Hand. Superman is a person of mediation and a precise application of incredible powers. Superman: Son of Kal El He often emphasizes this aspect of the character, but his focus in the latest edition on how young John became a wise young man is as shocking as it is inspirational.

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