Survivor Season 42 Episode 13 Recap: Who won in the end?


Do you like offers that have a lot of competitions and challenges? If yes, then Survivor will definitely be on your watch list. This show creates great curiosity among viewers and fans of the winner. The results were announced in the last episode. Is Survivor Season 42 Episode 13 the last episode of the season?

Yes, this episode is the last or final episode of season 42 of the show. People had many winner predictions and eliminations in the ring. Also, many expectations were shattered as challenges occurred. Like any other season, Jeff read the end results that broke a lot of hearts and made a lot of people happy.

Survivor always surprises us with quality participants and challenging elimination rounds. The competitions that the contestants face are handpicked, keeping in mind the interest of viewers. Did you enjoy watching season 42 of this reality show? With the release of the thirteenth episode, many things were revealed.

What is the show all about? Who are the crew of this series? When was the premiere of Survivor Season 42 Episode 13? What happened in this episode of the show? This blog covers all the answers to these questions, along with other things you need to know about the episode.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 13 Release Date

Have you watched all episodes of season 42 of Survivor? Finally, 26 days after the show, the last episode ends i.e. Survivor Season 42 Episode 13. The episode premiered on May 25, 2022 and showed the season winner. This episode witnessed many challenges, and the participants faced everyone who was in attendance with their brains.

Episode details stream

After the global pandemic, which occurred in recent years, many people have turned towards OTT platforms instead of big screens. Survival Season 42 aired on the popular Binge. In fact, this series attracted many viewers to Binge. Like any other episode of the series, this final episode of the series also aired on Binge at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Survivor Team Season 42
Survivor Team Season 42

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Survivor Season 42 Episode 13

This Survivor season has been quite the fun. It gave both viewers and contestants goosebumps at many points. Survivor Season 42 Episode 13 begins with a glimpse from Jonathan and Lindsey. Jonathan was playing so well, which scared Lindsay back home if she didn’t win the immunity challenge. Also, Romeo makes a fake immune idol to play in the next tribe.

Before the immune challenge, participants had to solve the puzzle to gain an advantage. Lindsey solved it first, but this feature didn’t help her win this challenge. Mike won the immunity challenge by a narrow margin. Now he had to decide whether to use her idol for Jonathan, Marian, or Lindsey. Also, Marianne had a fetish in her pocket. But saving Lindsay couldn’t have been their option because they already knew it would be hard to beat her in the last round. Mike plays his idol for Marianne while she already has an idol in her pocket she decides not to use it for anyone. Unfortunately, Lindsay was voted out.

Romeo, unexpectedly, won the immunity challenge by defeating Marin, Mike, as well as Jonathan. Romeo finally chose Marianne to go with him to the end. Mike and Jonathan had to compete against each other, and Mike won. Now it’s time for the jury’s confessions. Marianne finally became the sole survivor of season 42 by acknowledging all of her impressive strategies to the jury members.

More about the series

Survivor is the American spin-off of the international reality television competition Survivor franchise, and Survivor season 4 is the fourth installment of this series. This series is based on Charlie Parsons’ Swedish television series, Expedition Robinson. The reality series premiered on May 31, 2000 and is still running. Mark Burnett is the producer of this American series. Jeff Probst is the host of the show. It has a total of 42 seasons, with 622 episodes in total.

Survivor Season 42 ملصق Poster
survivor sticker

This series is basically a contest where a group of strangers are sent to a secluded place. They have to do everything themselves for their survival. They have to arrange food and shelter as well as fire. Challenges on the show include their physical and mental tests. There are several elimination rounds, and then finally, one person is chosen to be the winner. The competition also follows many rules and regulations for the participants. The total number of participants up to season 42 is 626.

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