SWAT Season 5 Episode 22 Review: Final Season Recap!


SWAT Season 5 Episode 22
SWAT Season 5 Episode 22

It’s Season Finals time on all major networks! And today it’s time to sum up the Hondo crew. So, let’s cover SWAT Season 5 Episode 22. What a horrible episode. All we can say – for now – is that it was full of action and drama! When these guys and girls aren’t coming out with their weapons and gear against the bad guys, they sure have a complicated personal life, and we definitely love it!

The season finale was titled “Farewell,” and in this episode, a lot of things happen, like Chris saying goodbye, and Hondo getting news that will change him forever. A terrorist attack deserves a movie! And what about Lina Asco! So, let’s break this down without further ado, and let’s dive into this episode in SWAT style!

Swat Season 5 Episode 22
Hondo looking mean!

SWAT Season 5 Episode 22

Street woke up in bed with his fairy girl. He had feelings for Chris for a long time. He was relieved that she finally admitted that she had romantic feelings for him and that the two of them finally slept together. Chris tried to sneak in before Luca got home, but Luca arrived early and saw the two of them together and was happy with them both.

He even wants to give them a high five. Chris had to put an end to that. I also told him not to tell anyone because it was Chris’ last day, and neither she nor Street wanted to spoil the rumours. They planned to be open about their relationship, so they stopped officially working together. Not previously. Chris & Street wanted her last day to be unforgettable.

chemistry lab problems

Later, the crew is called to a tense scenario in a university chemistry lab. Someone – we don’t know who – was fired due to a disciplinary process and returned for revenge, forcing the class to manufacture a deadly explosive that could kill thousands. Then he withdrew with the others, leaving the case and their professor with one of the bombs. However, SWAT arrived immediately. They saved the people the killer had left to die. They learned about it from the professor who made it. Joseph Reed was his name. He ordered the rest of them to build a nerve gas that required an additional component. Your hospital may contain this ingredient.

hospital visit

The team visited the hospital. Someone has stolen several of their goods, and a security tape reveals that Red’s roommate is helping him. The team discovered this at the same time they began searching for Reed. Instead, they found their roommate, who tried to spray them with something but only managed to spread himself. On the other hand, Red Weaver was, and he wasn’t the only one. He had a whole crew working with him to produce this nerve gas. This was much more dangerous than the children’s anger at the university. The question was why these young men were thinking of an act of terrorism.

Track down the bad guys!

Eventually, Hondo and his team tracked down one of the men involved when he attempted a chemical attack on the Marine Corps Recruitment Building. So Hondo made the man stay in the building without a mask to find where to hide the gas. The terrorist revealed the location. They were able to locate it and re-cover it. However, Reed was not satisfied with just visiting one place.

They communicated with Red using his friend’s stove. They told him that the plot had failed, and he said that everyone would pay. Whoever welcomed his uncle and then left him to be slaughtered by the Taliban will pay the price. Uncle worked as a translator. The crew discovers the military force he was assisting and finds that the unit is now in Los Angeles. They decided to meet on board the Queen Victoria to celebrate Fleet Week. Nichelle was another individual who joined the team.

Swat Season 5 Episode 22
The crew prepares before boarding the ship

Happy ending

Nichelle Hondo reported that she was attending a class to learn more about the ship. Hondo couldn’t reach her, so he called his father to confirm she was on the boat. His father said she did. Hondo also informed that Nichelle was expecting a baby. He noticed the concern in his son’s voice and wanted to tell him that Nichelle is in danger. So Hondo rushes to save his pregnant girlfriend. Reed and his last buddy have come across. They were able to stop both men, but not before Reed dumped one of the ship’s gas tanks into the hull. As a result, Hondo and Luca are gone after that.

Luca was gassed, but Hondo had an antidote and was able to prevent the gas from killing Luca. All in all, Chris had a great last day. In the end she handed over her rifle and badge. I also went out for drinks with the team when they all found out that Luca would be the godfather of baby Hondo.

SWAT Season 5 Episode 22 Trailer

Where do you watch the SWAT series?

SWAT is available on Hulu, Fubo TV, DirecTV, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, and Spectrum on Demand. Second, episodes are available for purchase on Red Box, Google Play, Vudu Fandango, Microsoft Store, Apple iTunes, and Amazon Direct Video. Finally, SWAT airs Sunday at 22:00 PM ET, US, on CBS.

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