Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry shares a glimpse of her new boyfriend


Here, we’ll discuss who Kailyn Lowry’s boyfriend is in 2022. What do we know about her new boyfriend Teen Mom 2, which is making many headlines these days? Starting with the basics, Kailyn Lowry has always been determined to raise her son on her own terms. She gained quite a bit of fame with this, and it was documented in the Teen Mom 2 series. Knowing little, she has also done Pride Over Pity, Love is Bubblegum. Both are New York Times bestsellers. In fact, Kailyn has great writing skills.

Recently, Kailyn gave a glimpse of her new sweetheart on her Instagram account. Since then, fans have been going crazy to know him. Let’s dive a little deeper to find out more about Kailyn Lowry’s boyfriend in 2022.

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Kaelen Lowry’s boyfriend in 2022: Mom’s new 2 star lover

A few days ago, Kailyn shared a sneak peek of her new love interest Instagram. It was officially announced on May 18, 2022. Not only that, but she also confirmed his dating during Meet Little Mom 2 Season 11.

So far, Kailyn has been involved in various relationships. But neither of them succeeded until the end. Her marriage to Javi Marroquin ended, and her relationship with Chris Lopez was largely on-and-off. Among them, she acts as the mother of four children, Isaac and Lincoln Marocain, Lux Lowry and Creed Lopez.

Kaelen Lowry's new boyfriend
Kaelen Lowry

In Teen Moms 2 Season 11 Reunion, Kailyn is asked about her relationship with ex-husband Javi. On that note, she said she was happy to see another man. Well, episode 2 is set to air on May 24. She finally agreed to call her love interest to the hosts. Many fans thought the mysterious man was the owner of Montgomery, but it turned out to be a mystery. Although Kailyn has not confirmed the identity of her new boyfriend, it has been reported that it must be Elijah Scott, a 23-year-old veteran who is also Kailyn’s neighbor. These days she’s been gushing about it, and it seems like the two have been close friends forever.

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