The 10 worst Jujutsu Kaisen side characters, ranked


Jujutsu Kisen It is the hugely successful Shonen series that recently enjoyed its silver screen debut Jujutsu Kisen 0: The Movie. The anime is gaining in popularity through its dark tone, moments of light fun, and the introduction of complex characters. However, not all of her characters are as lovable as the main cast.

Many of the side characters on the show irritate fans rather than love. Some of them are pure evil, others are just charismatic characters that fans love to hate. Whether they’re heroes, villains, or no one else, these side characters are the worst and stand in stark contrast to the much-loved heroes.

Some of the entries on this list are manga spoilers. Those who have not yet caught up with Jujutsu Kisen The manga, especially the Shibuya and later events arc, may want to avoid the last three entries.

10 Junpei Yoshino pity himself so much that he falls for Mahito’s trick

Junpei Yoshino is a tragic character, yet fans can’t help but believe he had a hand in his downfall. He befriends a cursed evil spirit Mahito to deal with the bullying he’s been experiencing at school.

What annoys fans is that Yuji Itadori, the series’ hero, has also become friends with Junpei. In the end, Junpei chooses the untrustworthy cursed soul. As a result, Mahito kills him using idle transfiguration and breaks fans’ hearts. Although Junpei might be a fan favorite JJK Character, his naivety and his refusal to choose Yuuji make him among the worst.

9 Momo Nishimiya wins when she doesn’t

While Momo Nishimiya does not technically do anything wrong, she is part of the Kyoto School plot to kill Yuji. Furthermore, she beat Kugisaki Nobara in the Exchange event even though she did not deserve to win. She is very weak compared to Nupara, but her friends intervene at the last moment. Although this is one of the JJK Battles that live up to the hype end in frustration.

Fans find it the worst because it’s neither her nor her earning. In addition, you throw a wrench into the progression of one of the main heroes while also participating in a plot to kill another hero.

8 Kiyotaka Ichiji only does what the Higher Ascendants tell him

Kiyotaka Ichiji is not a villain, but he is far from being one of the JJK’s Best side characters. His problem is his absolute loyalty to the jujutsu wizard community. He said nothing when the elders sent Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi Fushiguro to their deaths in the Cursed Womb when he should have known better.

Moreover, it is quite accessible in most situations. Being a good jujutsu magician requires a strong will. Ichiji just can’t cut it. He is a poorly written, one-dimensional character who cannot defend himself.

7 Noritoshi Kamo thinks he’s better than his classmates

Noritoshi Kamo is a student at the Kyoto School who respects the homes of important wizards such as the Zenin clan. Thus, his gaze drifted away from the other magicians. He looks down on most damned styles. For example, Mai and Maki Zenen refuse. However, he likes Megumi because he has inherited the coveted Ten Shadows technique. Furthermore, he wants to kill Yuji, as ordered by the Kyoto School Principal.

Later, Kamo changed, but as with Mei, fans are still not ready to accept him. His past behaviors make him one of the worst side characters, although he has room to grow.

6 Mai Zeinin has a terrible attitude

Mei Zenin is a problem, but much of her attitude can be traced back to abuse by the Zenin clan. The Zenin clan is famous for its cruelty, misogyny and caste. They treated Mae’s twin, Maki, in a horrible way because she was born without curse energy. Although Mai is useful, they abuse her and criticize her as well.

Unfortunately, Mai shows her anger at Maki, and talks to her regularly. Sisters have one of the worst relationships in JJK. Mei is rude, self-centered, and ruthless, just like the rest of the Zenin clan. Fans find her to be one of the worst characters because of this.

Yoshinobu Gakuganji is a guitar-wielding Kyoto school principal and calls for Yuji to be executed. Even after he says he will allow Yuji to live, he orders his students to try to kill the protagonist and has a hand in the tragedy of the Cursed Womb.

Gakuganji is a representation of everything wrong with the jujutsu wizard community. Gojo hates him because he perpetuates problems within their community. Fans hate him because he is intolerant of the incredibly lovable main character and regularly tries to kill him. So, it makes sense why he’s one of the most hated people JJK Characters.

4 JoJo is an annoying enemy

Jogo is the curse of fire as the volcano perched on his dome suggests. He naively assumes that he can take on Satoru Gogo, the series’ most powerful jiu-jitsu warlock, alone. Gojo insults Gojo and defeats him within seconds.

While Jogo is supposed to be strong, this is not shown in the anime. Instead, he turns his mouth around and does nothing to support him. Although Jogo is a powerful main villain, his allies must constantly save him, and continue to advance in the Pseudo-Geto plot. As a result, fans are not so fond of him.

3 Naobito Zenin is abusive and cruel

Naobito Zenin is the head of the Zenin clan when the show first introduces her and her horrors. He is a drunk, violent beast who instills a culture of cruelty and aggression. Like Gakuganji, Naobito reflects corruption and evil within the witch community.

Anime fans don’t know much about him, as he has not yet appeared in the show as much as he is in the manga. Fans know he has a complex cursed technique called projection, and he is a problematic character with many dark secrets in his wardrobe. They also know that he is responsible for the bad behavior of the Zenin clan, and thus he is one of the worst characters.

2 Mahito is a constant nuisance

Mahito is a deadly hero who angers many fans when he turns Junpei into a curse. In the anime, he appears to be almost never killed. Kento Nanami, a mage near Gojo’s level, escapes twice and almost finishes Nanami both times as well.

Furthermore, Mahito is estranged from Ryomen Sukuna, which seems to contradict what fans have come to expect from The King of Curses. Sukuna should have been able to cut Mahito, but Mahito survives. He is among the worst characters for his frustrating evasiveness and crimes against heroes.

1 Naoya Zenin is one of the few wizards more ruthless than Naobito

Naoya Zenin is a manga-only character and takes over as the chief of the Zenin clan after Naobito’s death during the Shibuya Incident. He continues his father’s legacy of cruelty and terror.

In many ways, Naoya is worse than Naobito. He is very self-confident, narcissistic and supports another villain, Toji Fushiguro. Although Naoya is a well-written villain, fans can’t help but hate him for his bad attitude and sadism. He is the obnoxious product of corruption within the jujutsu wizard community, making him one of the worst characters in JJK.

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