The apprentice handled the beginning of Chenford perfectly

The Rookie is finally moving towards Chenford in season 5, and the show has brought Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen together in the best way possible.

What follows contains spoilers for The Rookie Season 4, Episode 22, “Day in the Hole,” which premiered Sunday, May 15, on ABC.

Chenford fans rejoiced during the fourth season finale of hamilton record When the season finale followed through on its promise. Eric Winter’s Tim Bradford and Melissa O’Neill’s Lucy Chen have been flirting for at least two seasons – and things have progressed quite a bit. Some fans may be upset about the circumstances surrounding the first kiss, but it’s the perfect way to launch the show’s romantic “endgame” storyline.

Romance is a big part of what makes hamilton record plural. Fans care more about the love life of John Nolan from Nathan Fillion or Nila Harper from Micah Cox’s movie than they do about the exploits of the LAPD. Sean Ashmore’s Wesley Evers and Alyssa Diaz’s Angela Lopez had a love affair of opposites that led to a wedding and a baby. But it was Chenford who got shippers talking for years. Pulling the metaphorical trigger on an affair between Bradford and Chen is a big deal, and the show doesn’t want to blow it up.

The “do they or they don’t want” part of TV relationships is always fun – but if it goes on for too long, fans lose interest in the story. Latest Fillion Procedural Network Castle Learn that lesson, as Stana’s Richard Castle and Kate Beckett put Katek into a mid-series relationship. There is more serial drama in a relationship than trying to find one, like the one between Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle that continues to bring CSI The fans are back even though the characters weren’t accepted even before CSI: Vegas Conclusion.

What does the Chenford relationship offer? hamilton record The fans who don’t have them now are characters who discover their love for each other. That’s what makes the Season 4 finale moment so intriguing, even for fans who aren’t looking forward to Chen’s pairing with Bradford. It’s no cheating that the first kiss Bradford and Chen shared was an aromatic one. (Although the “identical suspects” hypothesis that led to this is wonderfully absurd.)

Bradford was disturbed by Chen’s kiss. It made sense that Chen would be the one to go to. The latter was also a smart move on the part of the storytellers as it gives her more agency at the moment. After that, both characters seemed surprised at the effect the kiss had on them. The last time viewers saw them in Season 4, they were avoiding the topic of their feelings in favor of getting lost in their undercover work. An odd slope, but the story is less about this drug episode and more about the emotional fallout from the kiss.

This presents an interesting opportunity for drama. After the mission, Bradford and Chen will definitely try to return to their old dynamics. The slow realization that “back to the way things were” won’t work is a story worthy of the characters. Chenford fans don’t want a typical will – they, they won’t – a story. Approaching the relationship in this way allows them to surprise along with the characters when Bradford and Chen’s feelings for each other become too much to resist.

The difficult balance that storytellers need to strike is to grow a relationship without blowing up what made fans want this to happen in the first place. If a working relationship changes a lot, that’s part of the charm hamilton record You will be lost. Once they stay true to the characters they’ve already created, writers can develop Chenford over most or all of Season 5—and fans should adore every second of it. But whatever story officially brings Bradford and Chen together, Melissa O’Neill and Eric Winter have proven themselves up to the task of giving. hamilton record The next great romance.

Seasons 1-4 of The Rookie airs on Hulu.

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