the awesome story behind this terrible punchline


In his title “La France au rap français”, Médine uses a rather childish formulation, which he has in fact borrowed from a great name in French politics.

Medina’s new album, Medina France, was released this Friday, May 13. And as always with the Le Havre rapper, you have to have great concentration to read between his lines. Sometimes even the sentences that seem to be the most innocuous contain pointed references.

This is the case in his title “La France au rap français”. In this one, where the rapper juggles with the gimmicks of his colleagues, SCH, Freeze Corleone or Naps, he begins his verse with two sentences with a rather childish formulation.

“I wouldn’t even piss in their ears if their memory caught fire
You way when it’s France that farts, it’s Africa that stinks for them»

Medina refers to Georges Clémenceau

The piece begins with a sample of the title “Aline” by Christophe, in a certain form of softness inspired by the 1960s. Médine breaks the ice directly with a deliberately rude first sentence where he explains that he will not put out any embers that would burn “ their” memory, probably that of his detractors.

This is followed by a particularly poetic sentence, in which he specifies that when France “fart”it is Africa that “stinks”. We understand the meaning of the formula: where Africa serves, according to the artist, as a scapegoat to make up for the errors of the French state.

Also: Médine talks about his frustration at never having been a gold record

Well, this second sentence seems closely related to the first, since it contains a reference directly drawn from the “memory” that it evokes. Because indeed, Médine borrowed its formulation from the politician Georges Clémenceau who said of his faithful collaborator Georges Mandel, so dedicated and essential: “When I fart, it’s him who stinks”.

The sentence then takes on a deeper meaning, since it is now linked to a value that is both affective and necessary. History, the opposite and well-placed poetry: great Medina. Also: Médine cites the two artists who impressed him the most in the studio

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