The Batman Show Next Door to Gotham Knights Gets Serial Order


The CW has ordered the Gotham Knights series, which will focus on Batman’s adopted son and the children of villains working together after his death.

CW . ordered Gotham Knights to series after canceling three more Arrowverse shows.

Naomi It was canceled after one season, with it exiting the Arrowverse along with legends of tomorrow And batuman. But bridging some of the gap would be a new DC offering: Gotham Knights. The show comes from Chad Fives, James Stotero, and Natalie Abrams, who co-wrote the series. Fiveash and Stoteraux also carry out production with Abrams co-executive production. Arrowverse architects Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter will carry out production alongside David Madden.

Together with the prequel Walker: Independence And winchesterAnd Gotham Knight He was only one of three pilots commanded by The CW in series. The show will take place in a world where Batman has been killed, leaving his adopted son (a new character played by Oscar Morgan) to work alongside the children of various Gotham villains to remove all of their names from suspects. The show has nothing to do with the upcoming game of the same name, although the two do share a Bruce Wayne death plot.

Led by new character Turner Hayes, who appears to be filling in the traditional Robin role in the series, the show will feature the children of some of Batman’s most famous villains. Anna Laure will play the role of Spoiler Gotham KnightsCluemaster’s daughter. In the comics, she has long served as a member of the Pat family, but it’s not clear if she’ll be new to the crew on the show.

On the more sinister end of the spectrum, Olivia Rose Keegan will play the Joker’s daughter. In the comics, she claimed to be the daughter of the Joker and Two Face. Interestingly enough, Misha Collins will play Harvey Dent on the show, although he won’t be entirely two-faced, according to the actor.

“My character will be Harvey Dent for the whole first year,” Collins said of his role on the show. “So I have a nice long period of not being two-faced. And then I became two-faced! Yes, I’m looking forward to it and I’ll be the old one on the show!”

The series will also feature siblings Colin and Harper Roe, the latter of whom becomes the bodyguard bluebird in the comics. Carrie Kelly will be making her first live-action debut after debuting as the first female Robin The Dark Knight Returns.

Gotham Knights There is not yet a premiere date on The CW.

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