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2022 looks to be a big year for Marvel Cinematic UniverseThe fourth installment of the Infinity Saga series, these new films and Disney+ series promise high stakes for crowd-favorite Marvel heroes. Phase 4 also provided some of the series’ most intimate and emotional moments to date.

Along the way, more new characters have been introduced to the MCU fan favorites list. from WandaVisionto eternityTo the newly released Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessThere are too many great characters to count. These characters shine in the brightest Phase 4 projects ever released.

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10 Norman Osborne

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It is a tribute to history Spider Man Movies. As such, it features many returning characters from pre-Tom Holland films. This also includes Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire who have made highly anticipated returns as their version of Peter Parker against a gauntlet of their greatest enemies.

However, no returning character was achieved in this movie more than Norman Osborne in Dafoe. Seeing Dafoe inhabit such an uncontrollable villain whose main goal is to exploit Parker’s weaknesses is a cure. Additionally, his actions have consequences that will affect Peter’s story for many upcoming MCU films.

9 Yelena Belova

Little was known about the backstory of Natasha Romanov before Black Widow. In the movie, Natasha meets her adoptive family, and most importantly her sister, Yelena. Breaking free from mind control, Natasha and Yelena team up with their parents, Alexei and Melina, to free all the brainwashed Black Widow killers.

Luckily, Black Widow It’s not the only time fans have seen Yelena in stage 4. After the events of Avengers: EndgameYelena for blood after Natasha’s death. In the hook Serial, Yelena confronts Clint Barton, who assures her that Natasha’s death was a sacrifice before the two sympathize with their missing sister.

8 Kate Bishop

Yelena is not the only prominent character to appear in it hook. The show also introduces audiences to Kate Bishop, Clint Barton’s No. 1 archer. She is played by Hailee Steinfeld, who has a lot of chemistry with Jeremy Renner, although she perfectly embodies the qualities of Kate’s tragic and lone wolf.

at hookFans discover that Kate’s love for hockey stems from watching an Archer fight during the 2012 Battle of New York. Avengers. During this battle Kate lost her father and left her and her mother alone. Unfortunately for Kate, her mother isn’t one to be trusted either.

7 Mobius m

The loki The series was definitely an unexpected adventure for the trickster brother of Thor. In the series, Loki finds himself captive of TVA, or the Time Contrast Authority. This multidimensional organization is responsible for preventing branching timelines by eliminating rogue variables across the multiverse.

Owen Wilson joins the MCU as Moebius M. Moebius, a TVA agent tasked with investigating time criminals. The famous comedian’s performance here infuses Moebius with plenty of charisma for a time-traveling detective. He goes from a loyal bureaucratic servant to a rebellious force of justice, all in pursuit of a water bike.

6 Then

Chloe Zhao eternity It was an ambitious project for Marvel. The film introduces more than a dozen completely new characters to the MCU, including a central race of semi-immortals created to protect planets from perverts. One of them is Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, one of the most powerful eternal characters on Earth, despite her isolation.

Before the movie started, Thena was exposed to an illness called Werey’s Cradle, which caused her to have psychotic episodes. As a result, she is banished from eternity with Gilgamesh, and the two grow up to be a beautiful friendship on film. However, Gilgamesh’s tragic death fuels her revenge on the perverts.

5 Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson has always been a worthy ally of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. At the end of game overSteve passes his shield on to Sam, and he is dubbed the new Captain America. Disney + . series The Hawk and the Winter Soldier Sam forces Sam to come to terms with what it means to take on the symbolic mantle.

Through his camaraderie with Bucky Barnes, Sam learns about the responsibility that comes with the shield. Moreover, his interview with Isaiah Bradley, a black Super Soldier who has been imprisoned by the US government, tells him what he needs to change. Sam may not have superpowers, but he does have something more important: courage.

4 What and where?

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings It introduces the MCU to the titular hero and his tragic upbringing. Shang Zhi’s father, Wenwei, is a centuries-old warlord who possesses a collection of mysterious weapons known as the Ten Rings. However, after falling in love and starting a family, Wenwu gave up his violent ways.

That is, until Shang Zhi’s mother, Ying Li, was killed. The avenger Wenwu trains his children to fight and spends most of the movie looking for his missing wife. Most of all, what makes Wenwu such a compelling character and villain is Tony Leung’s performance, which perfectly balances Wenwu’s authority and fearlessness.

3 loki

Loki is one of the oldest characters in the MCU, as the antagonist of both ox And Avengers In Stage 1. He faces a tragic demise at the hands of Thanos in infinity warbut a different kind of Loki escapes with the Tesseract in game over. Loki This is the only audience that follows the Disney + series loki.

This Loki variant later witnesses all his actions in the MCU in the first episode of loki. Somehow, a character who was unrecoverable has no choice but to change when the cops imprison her. At the end of the lokiIn Season 1 of Season 1, a former crook is a desperate hero trying to save the multiverse.

2 Mark Spector

This entry is technically a cheat, as Mark Spector, as of the epilogue moon knightThree different characters. The series finds Oscar Isaac entering the MCU as Mark Spector-turned-Marin. After a near-death experience, Spector was allowed to survive and serve the Egyptian moon god Khuncho.

However, Spector’s childhood trauma complicates this simple arrangement. When the show begins, the audience is introduced to witch museum worker Stephen Grant. Grant discovers his DID, realizing that it was created by Mark’s subconscious. However, the two halves eventually proved to be a good team.

1 Wanda Maximov

Wanda Maximoff and Vision only had supporting roles before infinity war. This Phase 3 movie gave the two most emotional moments yet as Wanda killed the vision to spare him from Thanos. No Marvel fan expected this then Avengers: EndgameWanda will soon become the newest star in the MCU WandaVision.

The Disney+ series delves into the character and background of Wanda, painting a tragic portrait of a woman who refuses to deal with grief. Thanks to Elizabeth Olsen’s agonizing performance, Wanda easily became one of the best characters in the MCU. Appearance in The multiverse of madness It cements it as one of its strongest as well.

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