The best Tom Holland movies before Spider-Man, ranked

Rising to global stardom at such a young age, Tom Holland Already managed to reach ForbesList of 30 under 30 in Europe. He grew up with a passion for dancing, at the young age of nine, Holland’s parents enrolled him in a dance class, which later helped him become the main star in Billy Elliot the Musical At the Victoria Palace Theatre, London. It wasn’t until 2012 when he made his film debut and decided to become a full-time actor.

Although Holland is the youngest actor to star in an MCU movie, he starred in a few movies before playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. Let’s take a look at the humble list of his best movies ever Spider Man.

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Today’s movie

5 The Secret World of Lariete (2010)

This might shock you, but the voice of Holland can be heard in the British version of the animated Studio Ghibli The secret world of Lariete. loose on the basis borrowers Written by Mary Norton, the plot tells the story of tiny people who secretly live on the floors and creaks of human homes. This secret is broken when one of the girls befriends 12-year-old Shaw (Netherlands). The StudioCanal dub came a year before DisneyDub, but they were already using the strategy of getting a mix of rising stars, like Holland and Saoirse Ronan, big names, and longtime actors like the cast.

4 In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

MCU It wasn’t the first time Holland had shared the big screen with an Avenger. Historical adventure movie in the heart of the sea It saw him star in the title role alongside big names like Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy. The film is based on the 2000 book of the same name, which tells the story of the shipwreck of the Essex in 1820. Holland plays 14-year-old Nickerson, who signs on the ship as a cabin boy. For the Netherlands, photography was a challenge: for every does not depend onHe clearly remembered how director Ron Howard “was determined to make everything as original as possible”. In the same interview, Holland also states: “[Ron] An artificial whale head was built and I had to cover myself with Vaseline and climb over. They threw a bucket down first and I hit my head on it.”

3 How do I live now (2013)

How do I live now It marks the Netherlands’ second time starring alongside Saoirse Ronan, who plays the main character Daisy. Released in 2013, the film is a fictional love story centered on Daisy and her British cousins ​​as they attempt to reunite the family during a nuclear disaster. Holland plays a cousin, Isaac, who ends up dying in a massacre when the army separates boys and girls. The film generally has some questionable themes about his cousin’s romantic love, but the young Dutchman did a great job portraying his feelings. If you ignore the romantic aspects of the movie, due to the fact that it is an independent British production, it is well shot and has beautiful set designs.

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2 Luke (2013)

look It is a critically acclaimed psychological drama released in 2013, starring Tom Hardy in the title role and only him appearing on screen for the duration of the film. But his character is having speakerphone conversations with several side characters, one of whom is Tom Holland. Holland plays one of his sons, Eddie, who calls to show him an important football match they were supposed to watch together. Hardy gives an amazing acting performance that will surely make you cry. Since we’re already on the topic of Hardy and Holland, wouldn’t it be surprising if they came together as Venom and Spider-Man?

1 Impossible (2012)

Last but not least, we have the tragedy of disaster the impossible, in which Holland appeared in his film for the first time. We can collectively thank this film for its good work, considering how Holland became a springboard to becoming one of the most popular young actors of our generation. The film is based on a family’s real-life experience in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. For his role in his 12-year-old son, Holland received the London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Young British Actor of the Year, which prompted him to pursue acting full time.

4 feature 2

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