The Black Knight from the Eternals almost appears in Moon Knight


Jeremy Slater, lead writer behind Marvel Studios’ Disney+ Limited Series moon knightHe says that at one point, Kit Harington reprized his role as Dine Whitman from the movie 2021 eternity It was on the table. However, this cross pattern was not meant to be.

In an interview with ComicBook.comSlater explained that Dane Whitman was a natural fit for moon knight, see how he and Stephen Grant (Oscar Isaac), one of the Mark Spector/Moon Knight variants, work at Museums in London. However, if Dane appears in moon knightSlater wanted to turn him into his alter ego in his Black Knight comic book – something there simply wasn’t room to do.

“We only talked about Dane Whitman a little bit because he works in a history museum and that might be a natural interaction,” Slater said. “My feeling was that we made Kit Harington appear undressed and not kicking his ass, as a fan I resented.”

The writer explained, “If I see him appear, I want to see him go all the way to the Black Knight. Just seeing an interaction where he walks past and goes ‘Oh, Steven,’ which replies ‘Oh, Professor Whitman!'” “I felt like this would be a waste of the money Kit Harington would cost there.”

Slater also explained that “there is a lot you can do to harass those who reveal before people get frustrated.” “There was no place in the first two episodes to have him wear a suit and play the Black Knight in the story, so we ultimately decided it didn’t make sense to make that association,” he concluded. “But it was something we definitely talked about in the room for two days.”

Created by Roy Thomas and John Bussima, Dane Whitman debuted in 1967 Avengers No. 47. The descendant of the original Black Knight – Sir Percy of Scandia – and the nephew of the second evil Black Knight – Nathan Jarrett – became Danny the third character to take up the mantle. As the Black Knight, Dane has been a member of several superhero teams over the years, most notably the Avengers.

The character first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in director Chloé Zhao eternitywhich hit theaters in November 2021, with game of thrones Alum Harrington intervenes in this role. The post-credit sequence sparked Dane’s transformation into the Black Knight, as well as a cameo voiceover by Mahershala Ali as Eric Brooks/Blade. However, while Ali is set to reprise his role as Blade in an upcoming solo movie, it remains to be seen when MCU fans might see Harington’s Dane Whitman again.

while, moon knight It follows the mind-boggling adventures of Mark Spector, his alter ego Superhero Moon Knight and alternate character Stephen Grant. In particular , moon knightReferences to the larger MCU are few and far between, with the show essentially serving as a stand-alone story set within this universe.

All six Marvel Studios episodes moon knight They are now streaming on Disney+.


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