The coolest number 3 in the world takes heroes to hell and back

Originally an anthology series featuring superheroes from the DC Comics universe in 1941, the best in the world It was a huge title that later built on the popularity of its two characters, Superman and Batman, to create a crossover title for the ages. It’s run sporadically, sometimes for decades, sometimes as an animated feature, or sometimes with various permutations, but it always conveys just as much fun as campers allowed. The latest iteration takes the duo of superheroes on a global journey against the newly ascended spirit of the demon Nezha, who has already made a preemptive strike on Superman and other heroes in an effort to remove thorns before his reign. Written by Mark Wade, with artwork by Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvilan and letters by Aditya Pedekar, Batman / Superman: The Best in the World #3 He moves super fast without much progress in the plot.

Batman / Superman: The Best in the World #3 It takes the story to the fiery pits of Hell and back, where the damned are waiting for the souls of the heroes. Batman and Superman arrive in Fawcett, near Philadelphia, to rescue Billy Batson from an evil wizard, Felix Faust. Suddenly, Faust connects the heroes and takes them to the underworld. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Robin travel back in time to ancient China to enlist the help of the noble Ji family, four heroes who have defeated a rambling of their lives. Seeing a picnic sword in Robin’s hand, Ji warriors immediately attacked the modern day superheroes. Back in the current timeline, the Dom Patrol visits one of its oldest enemies deep in the mountains of Mont Blanc in Switzerland.

Industry veteran Mark Wade puts the tale into the colorful past of the world’s finest, a time when Batman and Superman are just beginning to acknowledge their budding friendship, with Robin dragging along the entire journey. Batman / Superman: The Best in the World #3 opens the dab slap in the middle of the action, allowing the reader to easily jump into the tale while enjoying a great moment in the duo’s chemistry. To make up for the sheer amount of storytelling, the narrative is divided into three tracks, each following a team of heroes who continue to try to bridge the gap between them and the well-hidden mystery. With each story having its own barrier, these moments of crisis make the story more interesting and allow movement to move the story forward. Communication is key, whether to convey plot points or thwart villains, as Mark Wade bounces information through dialogue, creating a thrilling story.

. artwork Batman / Superman: The Best in the World Number 3 is a brilliant blend of dynamic linear action and vibrant color, and showcases Batman and Robin at their acrobatic best best as Els seem larger than life. Dan Mora produces panel after panel of gorgeous comic book art where panels often make characters stand out from the crowd and the landscape in the background, instilling a sense of animated energy with furious action. Tamra Bonvillain’s work colors, along with Mora’s crisp fonts, allow the panels to breathe, with color pages adorning the entire book. From the lush green rice fields of ancient China to the subzero temperatures of the Swiss Alps, alternating warm and cool tones leave the book with a pleasurable experience.

Batman / Superman: The Best in the World #3 Moves at breakneck speed as the world is torn apart by a new evil that has declared war on the defenders of the Earth. The story maintains the suspense well, with each story progressing in its own direction. However, with so much happening on the pages, it becomes difficult to follow as the events and details become more ambiguous. It’s refreshing that Batman relies on others for help, whether it’s Dom Patrol or Superman himself, which makes reading the book all the more interesting. Batman / Superman: The Best in the World #3 ends with the sudden heels down of one of Batman’s oldest allies and the superhero community as a whole, leading to a new decimation of the world’s best.

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