The day Skread learned that Booba was taking his production: “It’s legendary”


“Tallac”, the legendary intro of Panthéon, was released 18 years ago. The prod chosen by Booba was composed by Skread on a stroke of fate.

Pantheon came out 18 years ago. And with this album, one of the best intros of B2O’s career. The piece is a revenge against the comparison that Mc Jean Gab’1 made of Booba with the teddy bear from the eponymous cartoon. “Tallac” was recorded in 2003, indicates Skread. For the producer and faithful friend of Orelsan, this piece is a big step in his career.

In the Caen rapper’s documentary on Prime Video, never show that to anyoneSkread and the whole team came back to this collaboration. “It was a guy from Pont de Sèvres who was called La Tombe. He knew Booba, and he told him “I know a guy from Caen who makes prods that are chan-mé, you should listen”» says Gringe. Later, La Tombe calls on Ablaye, backer/producer and loyal sidekick of Orel. He informs him that Skread gave him a CD of instrumentals to listen to, and that he is about to bring it back to the 92. “Phone call. La Tombe, he told me “Booba took the beat”. I do “what?” recalls Ablaye.

During the summer of 2003, Skread found himself in the studio with Kore & Skalp, in Artop. The Duke poses “Tallac”. This collaboration and this new proximity with the Pont de Sèvres will allow him to work with Nysay, Salif or even LIM. “At the time, I was in contact with two, three heads in Boulogne. I knew Salif a little, I had worked a little with Nysay but there was nothing concrete yet. recalls Skread.

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Skread: “It all started with this piece”

For Skread, this is a huge step towards recognition. “They’re freaking out. Even Orel, you way, it was a crazy thing to place on Booba” says the producer. The two Casseurs Flowters can’t believe it. “It’s legendary to do the intro of a Booba album. Besides, you come from Caen, you’ve never placed anything before, on anyone. It’s crazy” exclaims Gringe. “It was exactly the production Booba needed at that time” adds Orelsan.

In an interview for abcdrdusonSkread returns to this connection. “I had made the instrumental in my room, at my parents’, with just an MPC. I had used a classical sample that I cut up, reversed and replayed with the instruments. I think it’s a Bach thing.” When Booba listens to the beat, he asks the producer to speed it up and find two or three variations for him. He works there all night and goes to Paris the next day to bring it to him. “I entered all the tracks into the computer. It was the first time I’ve done it so I struggled a bit with the engineer, it took me a good hour! Booba came, he kicked. He must have done five, six takes, that’s all.

But Skread does not ignite. Aware that the track could skip before the release of the album, he only reveals it when the disc is pressed. “It all started with this piece. Even if we don’t work too much together anymore, Booba got me started. I owe him that.” The result is monumental. “Tallac” isn’t just a quality intro, it’s a conquering Booba, throwing flames. The piece is legendary and opens with majesty Pantheon, the rapper’s second studio album. So happy birthday “Tallac”.

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Listen Pantheon.

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