The defector reveals Uma Musume’s new crossover art

Top Gun: Maverick enlists the help of the animated horse girls Uma Musume to promote the release of the high-flying sequel in Japan.

Top Gun: Maverick It looks a little different in its Japanese promotional material.

That’s because the air missile has cooperated with him Uma Musumea popular mobile game and anime franchise, to announce the release of the new movie in the region. Uma Musume It centers around a group of aspiring pop stars, who also happen to be human reincarnations of famous racehorses throughout history. The character in the center of the new crosshair is the human version of a famous purebred Japanese breed called the Mayano Top Gun. In addition to sharing the same name as the high-flying movie series, the Mayano Top Gun also wears a navy-style bomber jacket wherever she goes, reinforcing her association with Goose and Iceman. The collaboration was first announced last September, and new Mayano art was released in front of one of the new movie’s combat aircraft by the official. Uma Musume Twitter account. More cross content is expected to be released before Top Gun: MaverickJapanese movie premiere on May 27th.

Uma Musume premiered in 2018 with a simulation game for iOS and Android devices. The game tasks players with helping train their chosen horse/idol girls, so that she can be successful on the racetrack and in her music career. The game was adapted into an anime series in 2018 by PA Works, the studio that delivered one of the biggest surprises of the season, Hey Boy Kong Ming. A second season of the anime, produced by Studio Kai, was broadcast in Japan in early 2021. Spinoff series, titled UmayuruIt is scheduled to premiere in Japan later this year.

the first The best It was released in 1986, and while it was originally welcomed with a lukewarm reaction from critics, the film was one of the most successful films of the year, grossing US$350 million at the box office and eventually becoming one of the world’s most popular films. hold. It starred Tom Cruise as the reckless and talented fighter pilot Pete “Resident” Mitchell and Val Kilmer as his rival, Tom “Snowman” Kazansky. In 2015, the Library of Congress entered the film into the National Film Registry, which preserves works deemed “culturally significant” to the nation.

Top Gun: Maverick It will be released in the United States on May 24. sequel directed by troon legacyJoseph Kosinski sees Maverick return to train a new generation of pilots, including Miles Teller, who now plays the eldest son of Maverick’s friend Nick “Gus” Bradshaw.

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